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Public observation of pandemic prevention and control during sports practice

Update: 18-05-2021 | 11:30:33

The 4th outbreak of Covid-19 in Vietnam has affected many people's daily activities. When gyms, fitness centers, swimming pools, and football fields are temporarily closed in the joint effort to fight the epidemic, people only have to practice, walk or jog outside stadiums and parks to improve health and prevent the pandemic.

People are practicing sports with masks on and social distance

For many people in Binh Duong, daily sports practice, for a long time, has become indispensable need and habit. They simply understand and know that it is necessary to have a healthy and strong body with good resistance to overcome many diseases to improve quality of life and secure work. Compared to the previous 3 outbreaks of Covid-19 epidemic, there was a time when the stadiums were closed and people were not allowed to enter, but in this 4th time, many venues are still operating in compliance with regulations on the Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control. Right at Go Dau Stadium and in front of Stand A, the pitch organizers stretched a rather large banner calling for consideration of the complicated epidemic situation. The stadium management board announced that all people coming to the yard are required to wear masks.

Before the announcement of the Go Dau Stadium Management Board, most people coming to the stadium strictly comply with the given regulations. They understand that, if they do not comply with the requirements of disease prevention and control, they themselves will suffer unintended dangers. Not only at Go Dau stadium, a few other places of community activities in the province also have many people participating in exercise and sports after stressful working hours. According to our observations, despite practicing, everyone always wears masks and keeps a distance of 2m or more. Indeed, with such images at sports practice venues, the province's people's awareness of disease prevention and control has been enhanced and together they are determined to repel the Covid-19 epidemic, preventing and controlling the spread of the virus and bringing life back to normal.

 “In fact, no one wants to go out in danger. If you accidentally come into contact with a Covid-19 patient, your life will change dramatically. Therefore, I personally tell myself to do something to contribute to the whole nation to fight the epidemic. I have been practicing gymnastics and sports since I was a child, so a day without exercise is very uncomfortable. This time I was fortunate to still be able to practice at the stadium and community venues, so I still feel much better than before. Hopefully by the efforts of the whole society, this epidemic will soon be repelled," said Nguyen Tran Mai Hoa, who lives near Go Dau stadium.

The closure and inactivity due to the Covid-19 epidemic make many gyms, fitness centers, swimming pools, and football fields face losses of space rent and revenue. However, because the great goal of the whole society is to join hands to turn down the Covid-19 epidemic, all of them accept to suspend operations in the current situation.

Reported by Hung Cuong – Translated by Vi Bao

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