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Rare Salamander discovered in central Vietnam

Update: 05-08-2014 | 16:13:55

A salamander with nodules and an orange tail has been discovered in the Pu Hoat Nature Reserve in Nghe An province, at an altitude of 500m.

The salamander was found on the evening of July 20 in sub-zone 101 in the commune of Nam Giai. Earlier, a similar salamander was discovered in sub-zone 97.
An orange-tailed Salamander was discovered in Nghe An. Photo: N.P
The orange-tailed Salamander looks like a lizard, about 8 to 11cm long, with a broad head and horizontal wrinkles under the waist. In particular, the skin is surrounded by small nodules stretching from forelimbs to tail.
The underside of the toes and the bottom of the tail is orange, and there is dark brown around the body.
According to an official of the Phu Hoat Nature Reserve, this species lives in stagnant ponds, standing water and still waters. "This is a rare species which needs to be preserved," he said.
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