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Resources and environment sector focuses on infrastructure development for digital transformation

Update: 19-02-2024 | 11:32:45

In order to implement solutions for digital transformation, the province's natural resources and environment sector has bent on developing digital infrastructure. Accordingly, the sector has modernized and improved its technical infrastructure capacity to ensure information technology application at the department and its affiliated units.

Investment in developing information technology infrastructure, network infrastructure and information recording, displaying equipment at provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment has met the needs of quick data storage and retrieval. Along with that, the province has also created a digital infrastructure platform to deploy and operate specialized information systems to serve people, businesses and support leaders at all levels to make timely decisions in management. The goal is that by 2025, from 50% of the sector's management, direction and expertise will be entirely based on and data processing and analysis using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Of these, 80% of monitoring, forecasting and warning about resources and the environment are based on and early data processing and analysis under the implementation time, supporting the task of making decisions accurately, opportunely as prescribed ...

Reported by Tien Hanh-Translated by Kim Tin

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