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Resources gathered to care for people in hardship

Update: 01-03-2024 | 11:32:19

Connection and sharing are the goals in the humanitarian activities of the Red Cross Society. To contribute to caring for, supporting, and assisting those in difficult and vulnerable situations in society, all levels of the Red Cross Society in the province always strive to well implement the work of connecting organizations, units, businesses, and philanthropists contributing resources. Based on such contribution source, the association has been and is continuing to be a reliable bridge bringing joy to many, helping them have more conditions to overcome difficulties to rise in life.

The humanitarian activities of the provincial Red Cross always receive the joint efforts of many organizations, units, businesses, and philanthropists

"Tet of Humanity" reaches 250% of the target.

Under the direction of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People's Committee, the Provincial Red Cross has implemented the "Tet of Humanity" movement in 2024 to all levels of associations in the province. With the motto "No poor or disadvantaged person should be left without Tet gifts", the initial goal set by the associations in this movement is to mobilize and distribute over 30,000 Tet gifts to those in difficult circumstances. On that basis, all districts, towns, and cities' unions actively organize and implement many mobilization activities, giving Tet gifts to beneficiaries in the locality.

In exchange with us, Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Trinh, Chairwoman of the Provincial Red Cross Society, said that along with the involvement of various levels of associations in the province, to implement and spread this meaningful movement, the Red Cross Society at all levels has closely coordinated with central and local press agencies in a timely manner to disseminate information about the purpose and significance of the "Tet of Humanity" movement, about the activities of the society, exemplary advanced models. The propaganda work has helped all classes of people understand more about the Party and State's policies and directions regarding humanitarian work, the significance of the "Tet of Humanity" movement in particular, and the activities of the association in general, as well as the humanistic values, and the tradition of solidarity and mutual love of our nation. Thereon, the movement has been widely deployed, attracting all classes of people to actively participate, enhancing the effectiveness of mobilizing resources to assist many vulnerable groups in the province, especially during the Tet holiday and the arrival of spring.

The "Tet of Humanity" movement this year of the Red Cross at all levels in the province has achieved good results, the number of gifts mobilized, given to the beneficiaries in need far exceeds the initial target. Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Trinh said that through the "Tet charity" movement of the Spring of 2024, the levels of the Red Cross in the province organized 102 gift-giving programs for people in difficult circumstances at social welfare facilities, medical facilities, and localities inside and outside the province. Specifically, the total number of gifts given was 74,957 gifts. Each gift has a value ranging from 500,000 dong to 1.5 million VND, with a total value of 48.687 trillion VND, reaching 250% of the central target of the union (exceeding 44,957 gifts and exceeding the value by over 33.6 billion VND. In addition, the association also supports the construction and handover of 109 Red Cross houses inside and outside the province with a total value of 6 billion VND for families in need of housing, helping many families to have better conditions to celebrate the Lunar New Year (including 5 billion VND to support the construction costs of 100 houses in Dien Bien province).

Continual connections

To promote the achievements made in the past period, in 2024, the provincial Red Cross Society continues to focus resources on implementing many humanitarian activities for disadvantaged people. In addition to the movement just completed in 2024, the association is continuing to implement widely and effectively the movement "Good people, good deeds, collective efforts to build a compassionate community", linked to the campaign "Every organization, every individual connected to a humanitarian address", organizing the "Humanitarian Month", voluntary blood donation movement, key program "Safety for poor and disadvantaged fishermen" and the program "Nutrition for poor, disabled children"

To continue organizing many meaningful humanitarian activities, the Red Cross province determines that mobilizing resources is a key task in the work of the organization and the Red Cross movement. The results of the organization's activities in the past period have been achieved through solidarity and collective efforts of the community, affirming high trust in the organization. We always appreciate the valuable contributions of organizations, units, business communities, and people who have joined forces, accompanied the association in humanitarian activities. To promote its core role as a bridge in humanitarian activities, mobilize additional resources to care for more difficult circumstances and disadvantaged groups, the provincial Red Cross Society hopes to receive the attention and collaboration of many organizations, units, businesses, and people in humanitarian activities organized by the society in the near future," Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Trinh shared.

According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Trinh, to promote the role of being a bridge in humanitarian activities, all for the poor, the vulnerable in society, in 2024, through practical activities, all levels of the Red Cross in the province will continue to unite and jointly implement all aspects of Red Cross work and movement to achieve the highest results. In addition to the task of building a strong organization, the Red Cross levels actively mobilize Red Cross officials, members, organizations, units, businesses, and philanthropists to participate in humanitarian activities, contributing to the successful realization of the local socio-economic development goals.

Reported by Hong Thuan – Translated by Vi Bao

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