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RoK’s southern province extends visa exemption period for Vietnamese tourists

Update: 28-02-2024 | 16:55:51

Group tourists from three Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam, can travel without a visa to the Republic of Korea (RoK)’s Jeonllanam-do province (Jeonnam) through Muan international airport until March 2025, according to a statement released by the provincial administration on February 27.

The statement said that the southern province has received permission from the RoK’s Ministry of Justice to apply the extension.

The province is currently applying a 15-day visa-free entry policy for tourists in groups of 5 or more arriving at the Muan airport from the three countries, namely Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia, to Jeonnam, Gwangju, Jeonbuk and Jeju.

The policy is considered part of the local administration’s efforts to attract tourists from the three countries.

Since the policy was applied in March 2023, Jeonnam has continuously attracted regular charter flights from Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. The locality and surrounding areas have attracted about 4,000 foreign tourists.

Data released by BC Card in 2023 showed that the amount of card payments by Vietnamese tourists to Jeonnam in the first half of the year increased more than 300% from the same period in 2022, significantly contributing to reviving the local economy.

Director of the Department of Sports and Tourism of Jeonnam Joo Sun-seon said that after the COVID-19 pandemic ended, the locality has been gradually expanding customised accommodation products for foreign tourists and stepping up marketing and advertising activities.

The province has also accelerated the completion of new facilities such as Wando Marine Healing Centre and Mokpo Ocean Hotel to provide new tourism products for foreign tourists, he added./.

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