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Role models in emulation of Women's Union of localities in southeastern region replicated

Update: 12-06-2024 | 12:46:24

On the afternoon of June 11, the Vietnam Women's Union of the Emulation Cluster of Southeastern localities held a conference to partially review the emulation movement for the first half of 2024, set out directions and tasks for the second half of 2024 at provincial Political School.

The event was attended by  Do Thi Thu Thao, Permanent Vice President of the Vietnam Women’s Union Central Committee; Bui Thanh Nhan, Member of provincial Party Standing Committee and Head of provincial Party Committee's Mass Mobilization Commission.

In the first six months of 2024, all-level Women’s Unions in the cluster closely followed the directives of the Vietnam Women’s Union Central Committee, provincial Party Committee, coordinating with departments, agencies and mass organizations to organize activities that improve quality, innovate both content and form to suit practical situations and different targeted groups; promoting activities that support women in economic development and building happy families and emphasizing the application of information technology and digital transformation…

As the cluster leader, Binh Duong provincial Women’s Union proactively set up plans and proposed specific activities such as organizing meetings with the Women’s Union branches from southeastern localities at "historical sites", supporting livelihood models for ethnic minority women with difficult circumstances in Dau Tieng district.

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Nhan expressed his hope that in the coming time, provincial Women’s Union along with the Women’s Union branches in the cluster will further expand exemplary models in implementing emulation movements; continue strengthening propaganda and education on gender equality, activities for the advancement of women.

Reported by Huynh Thuy-Ho Loc-Translated by Kim Tin

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