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Rustic dishes become specialties for visitors

Update: 27-11-2023 | 13:50:12

With cool green space, fresh cuisine and hospitality of the people, garden and river tours have become the favorite ones. The journey to explore rivers and gardens in Binh Duong has also attracted tourists because of the uniqueness of specialties that cannot be found anywhere else.

The team of the "I love Binh Duong" program and students of Binh Duong Fine Arts - Culture Junior College’s tourism class enjoy dishes made from “rau mop” at a garden restaurant in Thuan city’s An Son commune

Culinary culture is a cultural characteristic of each region and locality. Culinary culture has become one of the factors that attract tourists to tourist destinations. Cuisine is also a factor contributing to the quality and brand of tourism in Binh Duong, especially at rural tourist destinations. In the garden tourist destinations, there are many specialty fruits such as mangosteen, durian, bon bon, jackfruit..., along with many delicious, strange and attractive dishes, namely mangosteen chicken salad, “My Lien” steamed rice with shredded pork skin, hot pot with beef dipped in shrimp paste, eel porridge...

Although being not as famous as the above mentioned dishes, “rau mop” (pimply lasia) is still a familiar rustic dish in Binh Duong's banquets for visitors. Depending on the gourmet level of visitors, restaurants will process “rau mop” into many attractive dishes with many nuances that are strange and unforgettable. For many people, pickled
rau mop” stir-fried with garlic or bean sprouts is sufficient to stimulate their taste. Many expatriates also travelled more than halfway around the world in order to bring pickled “rau mop” home as gifts to international friends after each trip back to their homeland.

In recent years, many agencies and units in the province have often chosen stir-fried “rau mop” with garlic as a specialty to treat foreign delegations when visiting and working in Binh Duong. Through learning about this kind of vegetable growing along rivers and canals in Binh Duong, we love it more. This is because it has many nutritional values ​​and is also used as medicine to support the treatment of many diseases.

To learn more about diversity in making dishes with “rau mop” as well as knowing pharmaceutical values of this wild vegetable growing along rivers..., please watch the next episode of the "I love Binh Duong" program conducted by Binh Duong Newspaper, broadcast at 6 am on Sunday (November 26, 2023) at: www.

Reported by Thuc Van-Translated by Kim Tin

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