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Socialization of "Rosewood" thematic garden

Update: 10-06-2024 | 14:24:38

On June 9, Steering Committee of the Project to improve the quality of the campaign of building a "Cultural - Civilized Urban Lifestyle" in Dinh Hoa Ward (Thu Dau Mot City) joined forces to implement a garden project "Rosewood".

The project was carried out on public land in Quarter 6 with an area of about 5,000 square meters. Accordingly, the locality mobilized social resources to plant 200 rosewood trees, with a total cost of nearly 60 million VND. This is one of the local practical activities to respond to the urban greening plan launched by Thu Dau Mot City. This activity aims to widely propagate among public employees, workers, people of all walks of life, union members about the purpose, meaning, and benefits of planting trees, to launch "Every citizen plant at least one tree, each house contributes a green area" program contributing to creating beautiful natural landscapes, protecting the environment, and responding to climate change.

Nearly a month after the launching of urban planting and greening project, Dinh Hoa ward planted nearly 4,300 trees of all kinds, including encouraging people to plant more than 2,970 trees.

Reported by H.Thuan, N.Phuong - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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