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Solutions on socio-economic development implemented synchronously

Update: 09-12-2023 | 10:46:05

Yesterday (December 8), at the 13th session of the 10th provincial People's Council, Vo Van Minh, Vice-Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Chairman of provincial People's Committee, explained opinions and contributions by provincial People's Council representative groups and outlined key solutions to implement the local plan on socio-economic development for 2024.

Public investment capital disbursement reaching 117.8% of the plan assigned by the Government

Explaining and clarifying a number of issues on public investment that voters and delegates of provincial People's Council are interested, Mr.Minh said that the province's total public investment capital in 2023 is quite large, with more than VND21.79 trillion, 2.4 times higher than the level of 2022. The proportion of capital allocated for key projects accounts for nearly 70%, about more than VND 15.25 trillion. By December 5, 2023, the total disbursement value was more than VND 14.35 trillion, or 65.8% of the province's plan and 117.8% of the plan assigned by the Prime Minister. It is expected that the province will disburse over 95% of the yearly plan. This has been the highest disbursement value ever and this is also the first time the province has completed the capital allocated by the Government in just 10 months of 2023. “This result is the great effort in direction and administration of all-level authorities and sectors and the high determination of investors as well as construction contractors", Mr.Minh shared.

          Vo Van Minh, Chairman of provincial People's Committee explains opinions at the session

For the rest of 2023, provincial People's Committee has requested localities and investors to speed up construction progress and urgently disburse capital, especially compensation and site clearance for key road projects, namely belt road 3, belt road 4, National Highway 13, DT746 street...and make construction of projects that can be completed and put into use within the year; urgently relocate electricity, water and telecommunications grids to serve construction of projects; further shift capital plans from works and projects with the low rate of disbursement to projects with the need and ability to absorb capital to increase the rate of disbursement.

Mr. Minh said that receiving opinions from the delegate groups, in the coming time, provincial People's Committee will direct relevant agencies and units to seriously implement the proposed tasks and solutions, with focus on allocating capital to key projects appropriately, bringing the most positive results while promoting the role and responsibility of leaders, especially their responsibility in monitoring and directing the removal of obstacles for public investment projects...

“The obstacles of businesses are the ones of the province…”

Explaining the contents of supporting businesses and attracting investment, provincial People's Committee Chairman said that in 2023, many businesses had to narrow and even stopped operations. In the spirit of accompanying businesses, provincial People's Committee established a Steering Committee to resolve businesses’ difficulties and organized 14 meetings to resolve each specific business and project’s problems. Provincial People's Committee also organized meetings and dialogues with industries’ associations and businesses; directed district-level People's Committees to organize meetings every 2 weeks to remove the local people and business households’difficulties.

Provincial People's Committee focused on supporting businesses with the spirit of sharing. Through the meetings, the Steering Committee resolved a number of issues on identifying the basic legal foundation, common handling principles to resolve similar problems so that departments, sectors and localities can proactively implement, thereby adjusting, supplementing and amending many regulations that are no longer appropriate; accurately identifying bottlenecks that need to be removed to focus on solving or propose solutions to the Government. Provincial People's Committee also resolved specific recommendations for each enterprise and project under the local competence; further authorized specialized agencies and district-level People's Committees to perform a number of tasks...

Provincial People's Committee is setting up a number of policy groups to support the relocation of businesses from southern localities to northern industrial parks and compounds; attract high-tech investors and pilot 5G Private network models for applications in smart factories, industrial development 4.0, smart cities and concentrated information technology industrial park. When being implemented, these groups of policies, plans and pilot models will be a highlight, preparing conditions to receive new generation investment, with pervasive influence in promoting digital economic development, attracting investment selectively.

Synchronous solutions implemented

Clarifying further on some key tasks, provincial People's Committee Chairman said that from now until the end of 2023, the province will further review and complete the year's tasks at the highest level; promptly grasp the situation and remove businesses’ obstacles; complete tasks on State budget collection and accelerate implementation and disbursement of public investment capital. The province will focus on mobilizing resources to take good care of policy beneficiaries, revolutionary contributors and the poor during the 2024 Tet (Lunar New Year) festival, especially for workers facing difficulties and those staying in Binh Duong for Tet.

The province will give priority to promoting economic growth; effectively implement tasks and solutions to restructure industries, fields in association with innovating growth models towards increasing the application of science and technology; improve productivity, quality, efficiency, competitiveness, adaptability and resilience of the economy. In addition, the province will focus on investing in a synchronous strategic infrastructure system, especially key traffic infrastructure projects; implementing the establishment of a centralized information technology park; urgently submit for appraisal and approval of the provincial planning for the period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050. Along with that, the province will coordinate with localities to implement the Southeast Regional Coordinating Council’s tasks on railway and highway routes, planning for riverside urban areas, formation of regional traffic development fund and regional development contents in terms of human resources and healthcare...

Provincial People's Committee will also focus on leading and directing the management of State budget revenue, expenditure under the regulations, ensuring that State budget revenue meets the set plan; focus on drastically and effectively implementing the project to generate revenue from land for development investment; relocate provincial-level agencies and units to provincial Administrative Center area from the beginning of 2024.


In addition, the province will further remove obstacles and be determined to manage and organize the disbursement of all VND 22trillion in public investment capital by 2024; comprehensively develop cultural and social fields, ensuring harmonious connection with economic development; ensure social welfare, improve people's lives...

Sharing about digital transformation solutions, Vo Van Minh, Chairman of provincial People's Committee said that since November 2022, the province has deployed the integration of the online public service portal with the information system of provincial electronic one-stop shop, forming up "provincial information system for handling administrative procedures. During the implementation process, the system is always updated and fully upgraded with features and utilities to support people and businesses in carrying out administrative procedures and effectively support civil servants in resolving administrative procedures. To date, the province has completed the implementation of all 25 essential services and provided 1,880 online services at provincial, district and commune levels... In the coming time, the province will further upgrade the system to minimize the situation of delay and error while perfecting its interface, creating convenience for users, improving the quality of service for people and businesses...

Reported by Ho Van-Translated by Kim Tin

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