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Spring colors bloom with songs about Binh Duong

Update: 23-02-2024 | 12:38:45

For every Vietnamese person, the traditional Tet holiday has special meaning, because it contains the traditional cultural beauty of the nation, of which music is an indispensable part. With joyful rhythms, beautiful melodies, and beautiful lyrics, this year's Binh Duong spring music aims for a new year full of joy, love, faith, and hope.

Binh Duong's cheerful spring songs bring a lot of hope for the new year.

Full of love and hope

In the first days of the year, it seems that wherever we go, from urban streets to rural areas, everyone can easily encounter bustling spring songs. Familiar songs are passionately sung by many children, young people, and old people and played at parties to send good wishes to everyone.

Huynh Thanh Thuy, (Phu Tan ward, Thu Dau Mot city), said she likes to sing the song “Anh cho em mùa xuân” (You give me spring) by musician Nguyen Hien set to music from Kim Tuan's poem, “Đoản xuân ca” (Short Spring Song) by musician Thanh Son to delicately remind her husband to take care of family members on Tet days. For those far from home, songs like “Đêm giao thừa nghe một khúc dân ca” (Listen to a folk song on New Year's Eve) by musician Vo Dong Dien, “Xuân đã về” (Spring has come) by musician Minh Ky, “Xuân họp mặt” (Spring reunion) by musician Van Phung, “Ước nguyện đầu xuân” (Wishes at the beginning of spring0 by musician Hoang Trang, “Câu chuyện đầu năm” (Story at the beginning of the year) by musician Hoai An, “Lắng nghe mùa xuân về” (Listening to spring coming) by musician Duong Thu... the more they listen, the more deeply they see the meaning of Tet days of family reunion. Then they have more motivation to work and earn more income to return home celebrating Tet with family.

According to Nguyen Huu Thien (Bach Dang commune, Tan Uyen city), every time I sing spring songs, I feel many emotions. Songs like “Hoa cỏ mùa xuân” (Spring Flowers) by musician Bao Chan, “Điệp khúc mùa xuân” (Spring Chorus) and “Bài ca tết cho em” (Tet Song for You) by musician Quoc Dung... help this freshman feel more motivated. He really liked the lyrics "Spring, spring/ A small spring/ Quietly offered to life/ Spring, spring/ Spring I would like to sing/ Khuc Nam Ai, Nam Bang/ Mountain water thousands of miles away/ Thousand miles of love"... in the song “Một mùa xuân nho nhỏ” (A Little Spring) by musician Tran Hoan. Because, youth need to work hard, practice and study well so that they can contribute to their youth strength and make spring more brilliant.

Radiant spring colors

Besides the familiar spring songs, this year's Binh Duong spring music has songs with cheerful rhythms, beautiful melodies and lyrics that convey messages about faith, hope, and the brilliance of this good land. Enjoying the music program "Binh Duong Spring Street" produced by Binh Duong Radio and Television Station to celebrate the new year 2024, we had an opportunity to immerse ourselves in a majestic picture of music. The colors of spring in each song are radiant, cheerful, and full of Binh Duong's characters when talking about spring in traditional craft villages, in new rural districts, in young, aspirational cities...

In the song “Thủ Dầu Một đẹp mãi dáng xuân hồng” (Thu Dau Mot is forever beautiful in spring) by musician Nguyen Long, listeners can easily feel his happiness in the lively melodies: "Welcome to the new town, the bustling city of sunshine/ Calling out the vitality that is overflowing with desire/ On the first full moon of Ba Pagoda, in the afternoon, the procession of Lion and Dragon showing off their figures/ On the side of the Saigon River at Bach Dang night, walking on the street of lanterns/ Returning to the sixth intersection to Phu Cuong park looking for a song for romantic love/ Returning to Tuong Binh Hiep, the essence of the craft village becomes more fragrant each day/ Thu Dau Mot! Many desires to be forever beautiful and youthful.”

And the image of Bach Dang walking street and Thu Dau Mot market bustling with people enjoying festivals in the song “Bình Dương phố và xuân” (Binh Duong streets and spring) by musician Toan BD performed by Mat Ngoc group made everyone even more captivated. Because "Whoever returns to Binh Duong, the homeland has so much love/ Whoever returns to Binh Duong, the river wharf now Thu market is more animated/ Beautiful boys and girls, hand in hand is more passionate...".

Binh Duong's spring colors are full of ecstasy with the gentle melodies of “Ngọt ngào câu hát quê hương” (Sweet homeland song) by musician Pham Thanh Phong, bustling with “Tình xuân” (Spring Love) by musician Pham Dac Hien, “Mùa xuân xuống phố” (Spring on the streets) by musicians Nguyen Phuong An and Ngan Khanh, “Dáng xuân Bình Dương” (Spring appearance of Binh Duong) by musician Phan Huu Ly.

On this Tet holiday, Binh Duong Arts Magazine also introduced many unique spring songs bringing many hopes for prosperity in the new year. In the song “Bàu Bàng - Khúc hát gọi mời” (Bau Bang - An Inviting Song) by musician Lu Nhat Vu, "Whoever goes to Binh Duong will see their homeland changing day by day/ Is this a "good land for birds to perch on"/ But hear the love of people filled with full of happiness/ But listening to Bau Bang promising the future." Along with that, spring in the homeland Binh Duong also evokes many emotions with many songs filled with spring colors such as “Bắc Tân Uyên - Đất ngọt tình người” (Bac Tan Uyen - Sweet land of human love) by musician Le Duc Dung, set to music from the poem of Le Thi Bach Hue, or “Bến Cát quê em” (Ben Cat, my hometown) written by Le Hong.

Reported by Thuc Van - Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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