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"Steel land", bright future

Update: 24-04-2024 | 10:59:58

50 years after the the Southern liberation, the National Reunification Day, for the promotion of revolutionary traditions, spirit of solidarity and strong will to rise, Ben Cat town has now become one of the key localities of socio-economic development of the province. Landmarks in the "land of steel" during the past resistance war have now become spacious industrial parks, factories, and new urban areas, contributing to the appearance and stature of a dynamic, modern, and grateful city.

Good land An Dien

Promoting patriotic traditions, the spirit of overcoming difficulties and the solidarity and high determination of the Party, government and people, over the past many years, An Dien commune has achieved many important achievements in socio-economic development, ensuring national defense and security in the area. The economy develops in the right direction with industry, construction, and services being the main drivers. The commune has favorable conditions to attract investment in industrial development.

An Dien commune has 2 industrial parks (IPs) put into operation: Rach Bap of 278 hectares (the part located in An Dien commune is 50 hectares) and An Tay - An Dien Industrial Park - Service Zone of 1,350 hectares (600 hectares in An Dien commune) contributes to creating jobs for thousands of local workers. Currently, the commune's industrial and construction production value accounts for 45%, trade - services account for 40%, and agriculture - forestry - fishery accounts for 15% of the commune's economic structure.

With the advantages of connected infrastructure, the "steel land" An Dien and An Tay have many rooms for development. In photo:  An Tay urban area is in the development process.

In parallel with socio-economic development, in recent times, with the support of the province and Ben Cat town, An Dien commune has assembled resources to invest in infrastructure development and urban upgrading. Currently, 187 alleys and hamlets managed by the commune with a total length of over 75km have all been upgraded; 63 rural roads were completely upgraded. In particular, Highway 7A is invested on a large scale with lighting systems, roadside trees, sidewalks for pedestrians, and traffic signal systems. In addition, the clean water supply system was brought to residential areas, increasing the proportion of the population using clean water for daily use to 100%.

With outstanding efforts of the Party Committee, government and people in recent times, An Dien commune has fully met the standards to establish An Dien ward. In the coming time, An Dien will focus on economic development in the direction of industry associated with urban areas and services; restructure the agricultural sector towards the application of science and technology; improve labor productivity; ensure social security and welfare, improve people's lives associated with caring for, building and developing people in the direction of civilization and progressive...

An Tay tomorrow...

During the war, An Tay was the center of the Iron Triangle southwest of Ben Cat with a famous tunnel system, contributing to the victory of our people. Today, An Tay commune is one of the areas with rapid socio-economic development in Ben Cat town.

An Tay commune has a very convenient location, with synchronous transportation infrastructure, intra-provincial and inter-regional connections and a trade center between Viet Huong 2, Mai Trung, Acsendas, Rach Bap Industrial Parks... An Tay commune has become a place to attract economic development investment projects of Ben Cat Town, such as Protrade International Industrial Park with a size of 384 hectares, Viet Huong 2 Industrial Park with 250 hectares, Rach Bap An Dien Industrial Park with a total area of 495 hectares. In addition, the commune concentrates many production and business establishments, agencies, enterprises, schools, restaurants, hotels... creating a breakthrough in the urban development in particular and socio-economic growth in general.

Nguyen Bac Tan, Chairman of the People's Committee of An Tay commune, said that in recent years, the socio-economics of An Tay commune has developed strongly, the material and spiritual lives of the people have been improved. The economy of An Tay commune develops through gradually increasing the proportion of industry and services with main industries and occupations such as: wood processing, mechanics, garments, leather shoes, household appliances, labor protection, construction materials... In addition, implementing the decision of People's Committee of Binh Duong province on approving the overall adjustment of the general planning of Ben Cat town until 2040, People's Committee of Ben Cat town has gradually created a zoning plan for An Tay commune, and continues to focus on mobilizing investment capital to build physical facilities and technical infrastructure. An Tay commune has mobilized hundreds of billions of VND investment capital for infrastructure development, including capital from provincial and town budgets, business capital, people's contributions and capital mobilized from other sources. Up to now, An Tay commune has met the standards of urban infrastructure system to establish a ward according to regulations.

In addition, in the near future, the commune will start construction on key projects on Ring Road 4 and An Tay port, thereby contributing to accelerating the pace of local economic development. Recently, People's Committee of Ben Cat Town also proposed the policy of building North An Tay urban area of 70 hectares. The goal of the urban area is the construction of housing projects and social housing; Synchronously build technical and social infrastructure projects to serve the needs of about 10 thousand people. The project has a total investment of more than VND 369.98 billion. The formation of North An Tay urban area not only serves the housing needs but also creates a highlight for An Tay urban development in the coming years.

It can be said that upgrading to a ward will contribute to accelerating economic development and improving people's lives. With favorable conditions for rural transport infrastructure, electricity, industrial parks... An Tay will continue to be an area to attract investment capital from domestic and foreign businesses, contributing to creating jobs, increasing income for people in the commune in particular and Ben Cat town in general.

The establishment of An Dien and An Tay wards in Ben Cat town is in accordance with the current socio-economic development status and urbanization speed of Ben Cat in recent times, helping Ben Cat successfully complete its tasks of State administrative management, socio-economic development, creating a new face in the strong development and integration stage.

Reported by Tri Dung, T.Tien - Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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