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Strengthening propaganda so that people understand relocation to ensure safety

Update: 03-06-2023 | 13:19:28

On the afternoon of June 2, Mai Hung Dung, Member of provincial Party Standing Committee, Pernament Vice- Chairman of provincial People's Committee led a provincial delegation to work with leaders of Dau Tieng district on the management of Can Nom lake and Cau mountain protective forest.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Dung suggested relevant agencies and units to make dissemination among them so that they can obviously understand that relocation to another area is to ensure their safety. It is necessary to immediately relocate 21 households using land located in the protection corridor of the spillway to discharge flood of Can Nom lake. For organizations and households with land belonging to the work of Can Nom lake, Mr. Dung asked for the locality to ask for them not to expand, build new works or change the purpose of construction works. Particularly, for the project of relocating households living in Cau mountain protective forest, the district needs to well do in mass mobilization, calling on people to comply with the State's regulations.

Reported by Hong Nga-Duy Phuc-Translated by Kim Tin

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