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Strive to have 100% communes in the province have products joining the OCOP program

Update: 28-02-2024 | 11:54:20

In order to continue to improve product value and promote sustainable rural economic development, the province has issued a plan to implement the OCOP Program (one commune, one product) for the period 2021-2025.

Accordingly, by 2025, the province strives to have 100% of communes in the province have products participating in the OCOP Program. Of these, there are an additional 150 products recognized as having 3 stars or more and at least 40% of OCOP entities are cooperatives, 30% of entities are small and medium enterprises, at least 50% of traditional craft villages having OCOP products.

In 2024, to continue expanding the market, bringing OCOP products further, aiming for export, the Provincial People's Committee directs relevant departments and branches to coordinate in strengthening promotion, introduction, and promotion of trade, enhance product value.

Reported by Phuong Anh - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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