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Support on livelihood, vocational training for 3 poor households and disabled people

Update: 29-11-2023 | 14:05:46

In order to help poor households and disabled people get more conditions to rise up in life, provincial Sponsoring Association for Disabled People, Orphans and Poor Patients has just given livehood support for a disabled person in Thu Dau Mot city and offered vocational training support for 2 cases of poor households in Thuan An city.

The total cost of the donation program was VND28.8 million. Particularly, each vocational training support was worth VND 10 million while livelihood support was VND 8.8 million. With this support, the association hopes that the above recipients will try to get vocational training and do business in order to improve their economic conditions, gradually rising up in life.

Reported by Hong Thuan-Translated by Kim Tin

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