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Supporting Covid-19 vaccination for police force

Update: 05-04-2021 | 10:47:43

Implementing the Ministry of Health’s Official Dispatch No.2012/ BYT-DP on supporting the implementation of Covid-19 vaccination for police force, provincial Department of Health has requested provincial Police Agency to recheck medical facilities under the police sector. If having all conditions for vaccination, they need to make self-declaration about this.

Their self-declaration dossiers will be sent to provincial Department of Health to assist in announcing immunization-eligible establishments in accordance with the Government's regulations. Provincial Center for Disease Control-Prevention and the Health Centers of districts, towns and cities will organize training courses on Covid-19 vaccination; assist vaccination establishments under the local police sector to receive, preserve and supply Covid-19 vaccines; continue seriously implementing measures against  the pandemic during the immunization process in accordance with the guidance of the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention-Control Covid-19 and the Ministry of Health.

Reported by K.Ha-Translated by K.T

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