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Taking good care of workers' lives

Update: 28-05-2024 | 09:40:25

Many enterprises in the province have had good and practical ways to take care of the lives of workers, especially during the annual Workers' Month. These activities have promptly supported employees to overcome difficulties, working with peace of mind, sticking with enterprises and the province.

Taking care of workers' lives

The trade union local of Thye Ming Vietnam Co., Ltd. In Ben Cat city is one of the outstanding units in building a stronger and stronger trade union, taking good care of workers' lives. Every year, the Executive Board of the company’s trade union local together with representatives of employers organizes employee conferences, signing collective labor agreements, setting up regulations on wages and bonuses and building salary policies in a timely manner under the law; promulgates many regimes and policies related to the rights and interests of trade unionists and employees. The company’s directorate and trade union local always listen to and understand trade unionists and employees’ thoughts and aspirations to thoroughly prevent illegal strikes.

Truong Thi Bich Hanh, Member of provincial Party Standing Committee, Head of provincial Party Committee's Propaganda-Education Commission visits and offers gifts to trade unionists and workers with difficult circumstances at Yazaki EDS Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Di An city during the Workers' Month 2024

In 2023, although the company encountered many difficulties in production and business activities, due to reduced orders, its trade union local and directorate jointly took good care of the lives of trade unionists and employees by such significant activities as giving Tet gifts worth VND1.5million each for trade unionists; supporting vacation expenses for employees working a full year with the level of between VND 500,000 and VND 1 million per person.

Every year, in addition to building a strong trade union, Yazaki EDS Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Di An city always has activities to take care of the lives of trade unionists and workers on holidays, Tet, Workers' Month by such significant activities as visiting and offering gifts to employees with difficult circumstances; organizing a spring bus trip to take and pick up employees to return home for Tet; honoring good and creative workers; organizing a sports festival to create a playground for all employees and pay tribute to employees who have been with the company for many years. Mai Phu Hung, Vice President of Yazaki EDS Vietnam Co., Ltd.’s trade union local said: "Only from January 2023 to May 15, 2024, the company's trade union local mobilized all staff to help 7 needy cases with a total amount of VND 1.9 billion".

In addition to ensuring jobs, income and policies, companies with a large number of workers, namely Yazaki EDS Vietnam Co., Ltd., Hai My Co., Ltd., Shyang Hung Cheng Co., Ltd. in Thuan An city have also had their own welfare regimes, including support on travel, accommodation...Noticeably, the above businesses have built their own kindergartens for children of workers.

Trinh Anh Tuan, Chairman of Hai My Co., Ltd.’s trade union local shared: "The school currently only meets the teaching and learning capacity for about 300 kids and can be expanded at the increase in the number of kids in the coming time. Thanks to the support of the company's leaders, tuition for employees' children is reduced by half compared to the level of studying outside. Currently, the tuition fee for each kid herein is only about VND 1 million".

Accompanying enterprises

Getting good care in all aspects, many employees have become outstanding individuals in labor and production, successfully completing assigned tasks, positively contributing to the production and business results of enterprises. Le Thi Thu Hieu, Vice President of Chang Bao Vietnam Co., Ltd.’s trade union local in Ben Cat city is a typical example. Every year, Mrs. Hieu actively supports and guides employees to sign labor contracts and well implement the Labor Law; supports the company to promulgate regulations and rules, helping employees clearly understand relevant laws; advises the company’s directorate on developing labor regulations, salaries and bonuses to bring benefits to employees as well as the company.

During the Workers' Month, Mekong Furniture Co.Ltd. in Thu Dau Mot city organizes the "Trade Union Meal" program for nearly 1,000 workers at a price of VND 110,000 per serving

She and the company's trade union paid attention to the spiritual life of employees with such meaningful activities as celebrating birthdays, giving gifts for employees on major holidays, awarding scholarships to employees' children with good academic achievements, visiting and encouraging employees with difficult circumstances. In addition, she has been proactive and active to mobilize employees throughout the company to donate, helping each other.

Nguyen Thi My Duyen, Vice President of Wonderful Saigon Electrics Co., Ltd.’s trade union local in Thuan An city is known as a person always having many activities and initiatives, protecting the rights and interests of workers in the enterprise. She always fulfills assigned responsibilities, is highly conscious and responsible in all activities of professional work and mass organization work. In 2023, Mrs. Duyen has proposed an improvement project in reducing production costs, setting up temporary platforms to place products before and after putting products into production machines in order to reduce the time of transfering goods and stopping machines, thereby improving workers’ working conditions.

Possibly seeing, each enterprise in the province has many rich and effective ways to take good care of employees’ material and spiritual lives, especially during Workers' Month. Practical gifts and sincere words of encouragement have helped employees overcome difficulties and strive to rise up in life. And in the opposite direction, when getting good care, employees will work hard, effectively contributing to enterprises’production and business results.

Nguyen Kim Loan, Chairman of provincial Labor Union said: The programs of “”Trade unionists’ welfare", "Tet reunion", "Worker's month", "Trade union shelter" have become practical activities, bearing the mark of the trade union, being highly appreciated with enthusiastic response from trade unionists and workers.

Reported by Quang Tam-Translated by Kim Tin

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