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Tan Uyen Town offers land legal counseling to the people

Update: 25-07-2022 | 16:16:47

 Provincial Land Registration Office has coordinated with its branch office Tan Uyen Town to hold a land legal counseling for local folks. During nearly 10 hours of hard working, public officials of Land Registration Office offered advices on many legal problems to hundreds of people.

Pham Thanh Tung, director of Land Registration Office, said the legal counseling activities were performed regularly by Provincial Land Registration Office in collaboration with its branches in districts, towns, cities. According to the 2022 plan,  this branch will hold 7 sessions of legal counseling, answering questions, instructions on records and procedures for people in districts, towns, cities. By detailed answers, instructions on each specific case, organizations and individuals wishing to register land changes, public services of land... are able to clearly understand their case and make supplement dossiers quickly and promptly.

Reported by Dinh Thang - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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