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Tet reunion, spring together

Update: 14-01-2023 | 16:12:00

"Tet reunion - spring together" is the theme of the Lunar New Year 2023, launched by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor at all levels, unions, union members and employees in the performance of political tasks, in which the focus is on taking care of and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of union members and employees. With the motto "All union members and employees have Tet", trade unions at all levels in the province have organized a series of practical activities to take care of union members and employees, ensuring practicality, efficiency and correctness…

 Tet market of Trade union sells Tet products with good prices, flights, "0-dong" bus rides bring workers home to celebrate Tet; hundreds of thousands of warm gifts of gratitude... are practical and meaningful activities that are urgently deployed by trade unions to support workers. Along with that, trade unions at all levels actively join hands with the authorities to grasp the situation, inspect and supervise employers in the implementation of regulations on the wage and bonuses on Tet holiday; promptly detect and take measures to ensure the interests of union members and employees in difficult enterprises... Besides, organize transportation, pick up or support all or part of train tickets, vehicles, airplanes, vehicles to bring union members and workers wishing to return to their hometown to celebrate Tet, return to work to ensure safety, convenience, and thoughtfulness... Featured in the chain of trade union activities to take care of union members and employees on the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2023, the Trade Union Tet Market has been held. Binh Duong is one of 22 localities chosen by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor to organize a Trade Union Tet Market with humanistic and practical meanings to support workers both materially and mentally.

Especially in the days leading up to Tet, trade unions in the province have coordinated with localities and businesses to organize many Tet care activities for workers having difficult circumstances. After a hard-working year, this is a timely source of encouragement for employees to feel warmer when Tet comes and spring comes. The concern and care of trade unions and businesses is also a meaningful source of encouragement for them to overcome difficulties, helping employees feel secure in their job. Tet-caring activities for workers not only ensure social security but also aim to retain employees, meet the production and business needs of enterprises after the Tet holiday.

 Reported by Nhat Huy - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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