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The digital transformation is spreading more and more widely

Update: 06-09-2022 | 14:55:02

In order to accelerate the digital transformation process, Binh Duong has recently carried out many activities to facilitate and support enterprises to implement partially or fully the digital transformation in the production and business process.  Although it is only in the beginning, good feedback from departments, localities and businesses has proved that the digital transformation in the province is taking place quite quickly, synchronously and effectively.

Technicians of Provincial Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) operate applications on computer system. 

 Many pioneering enterprises

Immediately after the Covid-19 pandemic was under control, some pioneering providers of digital transformation solutions organized many meetings and conferences to share and offer solutions suitable to the actual situation, directly solve big problems facing SMEs. Based on the proposed digital transformation solutions, many businesses were encouraged and quickly integrated into the digital transformation process with an expectation that they could gradually reduce operation costs, increase the effectiveness of brand promotion, and work towards the goal of international integration.

Dr. Nguyen Viet Long, Director of Provincial Department of Science & Technology, said the digital transformation had been applied by business communities inside and outside the province for a long time. But during and after the Covid-19 outbreak, digital transformation activities have developed quickly and strongly. According to Dr. Nguyen Viet Long, from now to 2030, the digital transformation will spread and be completed in business communities, state agencies and organizations.

Some representatives that are accompanying provincial small and medium-sized businesses in the digital transformation process, are VNTT, Viettel Binh Duong, VNPT Binh Duong... Among these, the most prominent to be mentioned is VNPT Binh Duong. With available potential and advantages, VNPT Binh Duong makes pioneering efforts to assist agencies, organizations and enterprises in the province in implement the digital transformation.

Namely, in recent years, this unit has coordinated with departments and localities to deploy software to serve the management, administration, production and business of agencies and businesses, contributing to the digital transformation process, accompanying the province in building e-government. When the wave of digital transformation has become popular and many businesses have joined this game, VNPT Binh Duong explored and innovated to further improve and upgrade telecommunication infrastructure and provide more innovative solutions to help agencies, organizations, and enterprises to partially or comprehensively apply the digital transformation.

The strong wave of digital transformation

Lai Xuan Thanh, President of Provincial Union of Science & Technology Associations, said that the current wave of digital transformation in provincial SME community has spread rapidly and widely. After learning about benefits and meanings of the digital transformation, many businesses have asked the union to connect them with pioneering units to order community solutions. Accordingly, most businesses are interested in consolidating and optimizing corporate governance costs, operating production and business processes in the direction of digitalization.

According to statistics of the authorities, more than 80% of enterprises in the province have applied digital transformation into corporate governance and operations. Most personnel in specialized departments such as administrative and human resources, accounting, storekeeper, marketing, sales... have proficiently used computers, performed statistics and work reports through CRM applications (business management software system). Meanwhile, enterprises with a larger scale also invested in a separate management system to better monitor and manage personnel, work progress of specialized departments.

Along with the digital transformation that are spreading in provincial business community, state agencies, administrative organizations and non-business organizations also quickly innovate themselves with a determination to quickly build up a standard public administrative service based on the smart city orientation. Statistics of VNPT Binh Duong show that, in the first half of 2022, this unit implemented many core solutions to help agencies and organizations in the province gradually build e-government in a smart and modern, friendly direction to the people.

A good example among these is the system of connecting, storing and sharing information and data at the Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) of the province. In addition to IOC, VNPT Binh Duong also coordinates with other departments in the province to build and digitize specialized databases, such as: digitizing industry and trade data; Department of Planning & Invest…; in collaboration with Department of Culture, Sports & Tourism put into operation Binh Duong Tourism Service Portal; build a distance learning system for Department of Education & Train…

Reported by Dinh Thang - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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