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The movement of excellent and creative labor wide-spreads to every business.

Update: 06-04-2024 | 14:30:16

The movement of excellent and creative labor has been coordinated by the Provincial Labor Union in collaboration with the provincial People's Committee for many years and has spread widely to all enterprises and all workers in the area. Those initiatives not only save labor, increase the value of products produced, but also help enterprises enhance their competitive value, making profits of billions of VND.

Mr. Bui Thanh Nhan, Member of the Standing Committee, Head of the provincial Party Committee's Mass Mobilization Department, presented certificates of merit from the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee to outstanding individuals in the movement of excellent and creative labor of the province in 2023.

Talented young leaders

Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu, Secretary of the Youth Union of Thien Nam Investment and Development Joint Stock Company in Thuan An city is one of the talented young leaders. His initiatives not only bring benefits to the company but also help workers stabilize their lives and bond with the enterprise.

Innovation in production labor at enterprises now not only stops at the phrases of movements or competitions, but all workers in every enterprise must strive every day, continuously learn, and be creative in work to achieve the highest efficiency. In our enterprise, we set monthly and quarterly goals for each task. Therefore, innovations and creativity must accompany the work of each worker.

Since 2019, Mr. Hieu and his colleagues have had the initiative of "Applying Google in the work process" and the company has applied it. Specifically, he uses Google form, Datastudio to record the survey opinions of workers, record statistical data; encode information, link with QR codes, help users interact easily. The value of the initiative is to reduce the manual recording tasks on paper of workers, or the statistical data recording tasks. Dynamic, visual reports, convenient for management. Mr. Hieu's initiative has been applied in statistics, reporting, updating electricity and water consumption data for many years.

Not stopping there, Mr. Hieu also collaborated with his colleagues to introduce the initiative "Changing the packaging standards for containers (export goods)". This initiative has been implemented by the company since 2022. It involves improving the packaging standards for export goods by changing the packaging methods and rearranging the goods inside the containers. Thanks to this initiative, each container saves 19 million VND (30 containers/month), benefiting the company about 570 million VND/month. Implementing the digital transformation theme in the enterprise in 2023, Mr. Hieu has many initiatives in designing web links, Zalo groups, receiving images, data by scanning QR codes... With a proactive spirit and high creativity in everything, Mr. Hieu has inspired many young workers in the company.

Making billions of VND for the business.

In 2023, the movement of "Good labor, creative labor" continues to be widely implemented by all levels of the provincial labor unions to every enterprise and worker. As a result, thousands of initiatives have been born, the Provincial People's Committee has honored more than 250 workers with effective initiatives, bringing benefits to enterprises worth billions of dong each year. Among them, 7 outstanding initiatives were honored by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor at the Nguyen Duc Canh Award.

And when mentioning the movement of "Good labor, creative labor" competition in Binh Duong, it is impossible not to mention the shining example of Bach Le Ngoc Chau, Saigon Stec Co., Ltd (Thu Dau Mot City). Due to her passion for the mechanical field, the young girl from An Giang province had to ride her bike dozens of kilometers to learn foreign languages after work. Over the years, she has been able to translate many types of books on mechanical engineering, thereby generating many innovations on modern equipment lines at the factory.

Mr. Le Thanh Hung (from Tien Giang province), working at Maruichi Sun Steel Joint Stock Company (Dĩ An City) has been making relentless efforts in his work. From a mechanical worker, Mr. Hung continuously researches, learns, and comes up with many initiatives that benefit the company with billions of dong. As a result, he has been appointed to various positions such as workshop manager, and now he is the Deputy CEO in charge of the steel sheet sector. An outstanding initiative of his must be mentioned: Reducing the amount of LPG (gas) for the paint drying oven... With this initiative, every year Mr. Hung brings in billions of dong in fuel savings for the factory.

In 2023 and the early months of 2024, in the face of difficulties with orders and price competition for products, the movement of "Skilled labor, creative labor" has been widely implemented by enterprises to workers. A typical example is at Pungkook Saigon 3 Factory (Pungkook Saigon 2 Co., Ltd., Thuan An City), in 2023 alone, the factory has launched initiatives for workers to implement 870 technical innovations, contributing to improving production efficiency. Mr. Le Van Toai, Chairman of the Trade Union at Pungkook Saigon 3 Factory, said: "The movement has aroused the spirit of creative and effective labor. The advancements and technical improvements made by workers have helped the enterprise save labor, production costs, reduce product prices, increase profits, and achieve stable development."

Reported by Quang Tam – Translated by Vi Bao

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