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The Provincial Inspectorate achieves positive results in various aspects

Update: 30-11-2023 | 14:53:25

On the afternoon of November 29, Binh Duong provincial Inspectorate held a conference to summarize the activities of the Inspectorate in 2023, and to outline the tasks for 2024, as well as commemorate the 78th anniversary of the establishment of the Inspectorate (November 23, 1945 to November 23, 2023). The conference was attended by Ngo Van Khuong, Deputy Director of Department III under Government Inspectorate, Mai Hung Dung, Member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party Committee, Deputy Chairman of the provincial People's Committee.

In 2023, the provincial Inspectorate has focused on effectively implementing the functions of state management and assigned tasks. They have conducted 80 administrative inspections at 161 units, resulting in the issuance of 56 conclusions out of 80 administrative inspections. Through the administrative inspection work, the Inspectorate has recommended the recovery of state budget funds amounting to VND 11.9 billion, recommended other economic sanctions totaling VND 441 million, and recommended administrative sanctions against 5 organizations and 26 individuals for violations. Through the specialized inspection, the Inspectorate has issued a decision to impose administrative penalties for violations totaling over VND 44.7 billion, of which more than VND 41.6 billion has been collected for the state budget.

The handling of complaints and denunciations has become a regular practice, ensuring timely and lawful resolution, contributing to the stability of local political security and social order. In 2023, the entire province conducted 3,565 citizen receptions, with 3,258 individuals being received, involving 2,456 cases. The total number of petitions and cases resolved reached a rate of 93.36%.

The anti-corruption work is being implemented in a synchronized manner, gradually delving into its depth. The deployment of PACA - the anti-corruption assessment index, has become increasingly systematic and has yielded certain effectiveness. In addition, the provincial Inspectorate has proactively studied and proposed improvements to the institutional framework, organizational innovation, and inspection activities to align with the new tasks and realities of the province.

Addressing the conference, Mai Hung Dung highly appreciated the achieved results in various aspects of the provincial Inspectorate's work in 2023. At the same time, Mai Hung Dung suggested that the provincial Inspectorate continue to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of inspection activities, citizen engagement, resolution of complaints and denunciations, and corruption prevention. He emphasized the importance of prioritizing the development of a strong and capable provincial Inspectorate to meet the assigned tasks.

Reported by Nguyen Hau – Translated by Vi Bao

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