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The world’s best-known inventions of Vietnamese people

Update: 05-10-2012 | 00:00:00
The invented automated teller machine (ATM), nano technology which helps eliminate toxicity from water or fuel saver for motorbikes have all brought high income and helped humans save energy. The father of ATM He is Do Duc Cuong, a Vietnamese, who has made 50 inventions. Cuong spent 20 years working for the US Citibank and senior specialist for the US banking sector. Since his returning to Vietnam in 2003, Cuong has been working a senior advisor to Dong A bank. Born in the central province of Quang Ngai, Cuong was well-known as a student fond of learning. He was found as the person with the highest intelligence index in a test carried out by a Japanese group of scientists. This gave him the opportunity to receive a scholarship to follow the university study at Osaka University. In Japan, Cuong went to university and took an extra job for Toshiba Company. An invention then unexpectedly brought him to the US. Cuong was then invited to the US to “use a technique to obtain one billion clients for the bank.” Cuong said his work is to popularize banking services, so as to make the services accessible to everyone. He has invented the ATM, which is considered a breakthrough in the banking history. The nano technology and the Vietnamese engineers The finding on the nano technology which helps absolutely eliminate arsenic from water has helped Czech Republic to cleanse the areas which have the surface water polluted with arsenic. The areas include the northern, central, southern regions and Karlovy Vary, where thermopower plants and coal mines pollute the water sources. The invention has been highly appreciated by Czech and other European countries. The inventors are Nguyen Thanh Dong, MA and Engineer Hoang Dieu Hung. The fuel saver for motorbikes… …has been invented by Dang Hoang Son from Vinh Long City. Motorbike users have confirmed that the saver allows to consume one liter of petrol only to travel 60-70 kilometers. Meanwhile, a normal motorbike would allow to travel 45-50 kilometers with one liter of petrol. The fuel saver invented by Son not only helps save 20-30 percent of the petrol consumed, but also helps prolong the life expectancy of motor engines. Smart wheelchair controlled by thoughts in late August reported that Professor Dr Viet Hung Nguyen, a Vietnamese native who now works at the Sydney University in Australia, and his associates successfully generated a smart wheelchair. The wheelchair is designed to have the function of a moving robot which can avoid obstacles it sees through the camera installed on the vehicle. The wheelchair can move based on people’s commands, either the shake of the head, eyes, and the thoughts of the owners. Hung believes that the invention would create a big revolution for the human’s research works to help make the lives more convenient for paralytic people. The invention has been ranked third in the list of the 100 leading inventions in Australia. River flow model tests the water for farming Dr Chu Hoang Long was the only Vietnamese co-inventor who received Eureka prize for the water research and innovation. The model allows farmers to find out the optimal volume of water needed for watering, and the optimal volume of water needed for protecting the environment, while helping create the flows beneficial to the environment. The research work also pointed out that if in 2001-2009, the world reserved less water for watering in agriculture production and more for the environment protection, this would create an economic benefit worth 500 million-3 billion dollars. Dat Viet
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