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Thorough digital transformation satisfies developmental need of electricity supply

Update: 22-09-2023 | 15:53:27

With the determination to promote technology application and digital transformation in production, business and customer care activities, Binh Duong electricity sector has made a strong investment in equipment and human resource training to meet set goals and contribute to the efficiency of production and business activities.

To prioritize investment resources

Le Hong Khanh, Deputy Director of Binh Duong Power Company (PCBD), said that recently the province's electricity sector has focused on implementing a comprehensive digital transformation program according to the goals of Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN), which is to integrate digital technology and a management model consistent with the process of applying digital technology to production and business activities in order to increase operational efficiency and innovation, optimize costs, and improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Digital transformation positively contributes to production, business and customer service efficiency. In the photo: PCBD staff checks electricity parameters supplied to areas through accurate measuring equipment

Up to now, PCBD has basically transformed its operations into a digital business model. PCBD selects and develops digital transformation focuses, which are data digitization with the goal of "one infrastructure, one database", customer digitization, business process digitization, continuing the roadmap, applying science and technology in activities, taking advantage of research achievements in the 4th industrial revolution. Also according to Le Hong Khanh, PCBD's digital transformation work has many advantages, including the support of the provincial People's Committee, departments and branches. Not only that, it is the attention and positive response from customers, people and businesses that is the driving force for PCBD's digital transformation work to achieve encouraging results.

Up to now, the province's electricity sector has applied technology to operate and exploit electricity supply, switching to the unmanned and remote-controlled transformer station model, strengthening the application of repair without power cuts, deploying online electricity payment, perfect application systems for customer care activities. To improve customer service quality EVN is, currently, aiming to provide electricity services on a digital technology platform and according to international standards. Notably, in Binh Duong area alone, 12 types of electricity transactions are online and through public service portals to service over 98% of electricity customers. The number reflects the actual needs of customers, and also demonstrates the widespread popularity of online electricity services in the electricity industry that are being welcomed and highly appreciated by customers.

Customers responded positively

Currently, with just a smartphone, people can view electricity indicators, electricity bills, report electrical incidents, make repairs etc. through online transactions. Installing the App and Zalo of the electricity industry has greatly facilitated the client.

In the past, customers received notifications of electricity costs every month. When they were away from home, they had to go to the electricity headquarters to pay. After being consulted, installing and using app and Zalo brought many benefits and saved time and effort for customers. Specifically, electricity-related issues are monitored, received and resolved by the switchboard for customers as soon as possible. Technology application has brought clear efficiency in the production and business activities of the enterprise, creating general satisfaction for both sides.

Technology has replaced human effort, helping customers have the best experience with electrical services. Strong transformation in the field of customer service based on the application of information technology, implementing comprehensive digital transformation in the business and service chain, from new power supply, index recording, invoicing, collecting and monitoring electricity bill debt to customer care.

Payment methods are also increasingly convenient, which can be made anytime and anywhere. The electricity collection points of the electricity company currently only serve to pay electricity bills of customers in remote areas and customers who do not have the conditions to use smartphones to install applications. Currently, the majority of customers have used payment channels through banks and intermediary organizations.

Le Minh Quoc Viet, Director of PCBD, said that the unit has focused on digital transformation in all aspects, using digital technologies to change business models, creating opportunities, revenue and prices treatment. Technology has helped businesses and customers save time and costs. Human resources are identified as an important foundation to participate and promote the values that the digital transformation process brings. Therefore, PCBD will continue to strengthen human resources, improve management capacity, enhance the application of science and technology, and invest in modern equipment to better serve customers.

As of August 2023, the whole province has 588,329 electricity customers, of which 203,888 accounting for 34.7% of the total number of customers have installed the EVNSPC Customer Care App. There are 495,373 customers making non-cash payments through e-wallets and bank transfers, accounting for 84.20% of electricity customers. Through the application, you can use online services, make online payments and interact between customers and the electricity industry for related content.

Reported by Minh Duy – Translated by Vi Bao

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