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Thu Dau Mot City acts together to become "green"

Update: 27-05-2024 | 10:33:22

To contribute to environmental protection, improving urban landscape, responding to climate change, acting for sustainable socio-economic development and improving people's quality of life, in the period 2024-2030, Thu Dau Mot City will mobilize both the political system and the people to participate in tree-planting activities to achieve the goal of "urban greening and aiming to build a green - friendly city in the period 2024-2030 and following years". The city's policy quickly received support from officials, party members and people in the area...

“Every person plants at least one tree”

Last weekend, People's Committee of Phu Hoa Ward in Thu Dau Mot City carried out a project of Flower Thematic Park in Quarter 9. On public land with an area of nearly 4,000 square meters, city leaders, officials and people in the ward planted 500 trees and flowers using socialized funds with a total value of nearly 100 million VND. Nguyen Van Thai, a resident of Quarter 9, said that people strongly agree with the tree planting to ensure a sustainable and friendly living environment. The Flower Thematic Park project is one of the meaningful activities to respond to the urban greening campaign and aim to build a "green - friendly Thu Dau Mot City" in the period 2024-2030 and the following years.

Leaders of Thu Dau Mot City and youth union members participate in planting trees in Phu Hoa ward

With the message "each year, each person plants at least one more tree", Thu Dau Mot City sets a goal of planting more than 2.5 million trees by 2030 and an average of about 360,000 trees per year. To realize that goal, the city set up immediate and long-term solutions. Currently, the city is mobilizing the political system, businesses and people to participate in planting and taking care of trees with the motto "each person plants and takes care of at least one tree"; which focuses on "greening" to create a green, clean, beautiful living environment in public areas, residential areas and other urban areas; At the same time, mobilizes the high response and active participation of all people living in the area to realize the goal of "green - friendly city", a place worth investing, living and working.

Spread the tree planting movement...

In recent years, Thu Dau Mot City has always paid attention to implementing tree planting and care activities. Accordingly, the city has achieved many positive results in planting and caring for trees in residential areas, parks and public areas... This has contributed to creating a green, clean and airy living space for people in the area.

However, with mechanical population growth, industrial and new urban development, green tree development faces many challenges that require the engagement of the entire political system, community and each citizen. Therefore, "greening" the urban area and aiming to build a "green - friendly city" in the period 2024-2030 and the following years is considered a breakthrough policy of the city.

During the period 2018-2023, Thu Dau Mot City launched the planting of 15,554 trees, the number of living trees now is 12,375/15,554, reaching a rate of 79.56%. This is an encouraging result, contributing to increasing urban green areas and air conditioning in the city. Currently, the city has a rate of urban green land reaching 14.62m2/person, the total green area in the area is estimated at about 44.47%, there are 121 parks and gardens managed by the city and wards with total area of over 360 hectares.

Vo Chi Thanh, Vice Chairman of Thu Dau Mot City People's Committee, said the city's goals are clear and specific. However, to achieve the set goals, it is not only the efforts of one level, industry or unit, but there must be the concentration, cooperation and participation of the entire political system from the city to the grassroots. Each party member, civil servant, public employee, union member, and worker in agencies and units must be a leading example in planting and caring for trees to create an impact on organizations, individuals, businesses, schools located in the area.

Thanh also asked schools in the city to review school campus area and propose additional planting or replacement of some unsuitable plants. In addition to planting scattered trees, schools also plant more fruit trees and ornamental trees to build suitable school gardens, to ensure coverage according to regulations, increase school's beauty, and better serve the needs of learning and outdoor activities; at the same time, continue to implement the green school building program to promote environmental protection activities, develop green areas, educate and communicate about environmental protection at schools throughout the city, especially skill programs for students to plant and protect trees.

City leaders also asked businesses located in the area to increase their response to local tree planting activities and care for trees at their premises; enhance propaganda for their workers to respond to planting trees in boarding house areas to create cool spaces in the living area and fully respond to tree planting and care activities in the locality on days off to contribute to public health.

At the same time, the neighborhoods also further strengthen local activities on planting and caring for trees, and popularize meaningful work "each year, each person plants at least one more tree" to create widespread implementation in each group and neighborhood, aim to "green" the neighborhoods, contributing to achieving the goal of "green - friendly city" in the coming time.

Reported by Tri Dung - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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