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Thu Dau Mot City builds up a smart, worth-living city

Update: 28-11-2023 | 13:06:22

 As a central urban area, Thu Dau Mot City focuses on urban planning and enhancing digital transformation to become an innovation area, the core area of a smart urban area in Binh Duong, to move forward to another important milestone when Binh Duong is honored as worldwide Top 1 Intelligent Community in 2023.

Thu Dau Mot City invests in a riverside and connected urban area.

 Connected and convenient urban areas

Nguyen Thu Cuc, Chairwoman of Thu Dau Mot City People's Committee, could not hide her joy, said: “We have received good news, that is Binh Duong continued to be honored as Top 1 Intelligent Community of the Year at the event that took place in New York (USA) on October 27, 2023. As a nuclear urban area, the central urban area of Binh Duong, for many years, Thu Dau Mot City has had plans to develop a smart city according to the general orientation of the province. The city determines that this is an inevitable trend for Thu Dau Mot to rise quickly, develop strongly and sustainably. And fortunately, the city receives timely and close support and companionship from the Steering Committee, Binh Duong Smart City Office, Department of Science and Technology to have strategic directions for the comprehensive development".

In the 2021-2025 period, the development perspective of Thu Dau Mot City is still focused on civilization and modernity, with a focus on the development of economic, technical and social infrastructure systems, ensuring compliance with planning. Gradually develop "Green urban - smart urban" in the direction of improving people's living standards, creating spacious and clean urban landscapes, taking people and businesses as the subjects in the development process. Focus on mobilizing investment resources for groundbreaking projects and works, creating urban highlights, increasing connectivity and harmony in development between existing urban areas and new urban areas under construction.

Thu Dau Mot City has set a goal that by the end of 2025 and early 2026, there must be a drastic change in urban appearance, worthy of being a class-one city under Binh Duong province, with no more roads or areas that do not meet urban standards. Some projects started construction or have investment projects that have been accelerated and put into operation. Urban management, supervision and administration are centralized, synchronous and comprehensive. Improve living standards and entertainment and enjoyment levels of citizens.

Talking about building unique features for the city, Cuc said that each smart city in the world has its own orientations and strategies to suit the local situation, context, and characteristics. Thu Dau Mot City focuses on creating space for industrial, commercial and service development, increasing green space to become a worth-living place, a place to attract and retain talents. With the characteristics and strategic perspective according to the City Party Resolution for the 2020-2025 term, Thu Dau Mot will be developed into a civilized, modern, prosperous, beautiful, and compassionate urban area. Taking people as the center, the city prioritizes digital transformation and smart city development based on three foundations, i.e. education, transportation and urbanism. The General Planning Project of Thu Dau Mot City until 2040 (vision for 2050) orients urban development in the direction of prioritizing space arrangement to serve the community, turning the city into a smart, worth-living urban area. 

The goal of the planning is to gradually complete the infrastructure system connecting the northern sub-region between Thu Dau Mot City and neighboring districts, towns and cities; connecting functional areas of the city's urban areas in a strategic, key and effective manner. Develop urban space in Thu Dau Mot City to be consistent with the strategy and economic development model of the city and the northern sub-region, adapting to climate change. Form the nuclei of primary and secondary centers; financial, commercial - service center, medical, cultural, research, education - training center of urban sub-regions and urban nuclei. Preserve and enhance the identity of the city's landscape architectural space, develop housing and social infrastructure, enhance public green land funds, and improve the environment in existing areas.

To accelerate digital transformation

In education and health aspects, the city has built and developed digital government for these industries on the latest digital platforms on social media. In early December, the city will officially put into operation the Intelligent Operation Center (IOC) of Thu Dau Mot. This will be the first IOC at district, town and city levels. The operation of the IOC Thu Dau Mot marks a new turning point in closer access to amenities serving the local socio-economic development process. Centrally monitor and operate smart service activities, collect and process information from specialized systems, serve analysis, data processing, visual display, and support the management and administration to ensure consistency and efficiency.

In addition, the city is also completing the final stages to install hundreds of surveillance and security cameras in key areas, contributing step by step to the roadmap to a smart city. In early 2024, Thu Dau Mot City will issue a new plan to develop multi-platform digital transformation, from digital government, digital citizens, to utilities serving socio-economic development, to achieve the goal of development goal of becoming a leading urban area in the smart city model.

 The City Medical Center and 14 ward medical stations have deployed medical examination and treatment software installed by VNPT Binh Duong Company for their medical examination activities. 100% qualified medical examination and treatment facilities carry out medical examination and treatment activities using citizen identification cards to replace health insurance cards.

 Reported by T.My, C.Tien - Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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