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Thuan An City makes an effort to have a safe and civilized festive season

Update: 14-06-2024 | 12:41:35

In order for the 2024 Ripe Fruit Season Festival to safely take place in Cau Ngang area (Hung Dinh ward, Thuan An city), the Organizing Committee has implemented key tasks to ensure smooth traffic, social security and order situation.

To ensure the 2024 Ripe Fruit Season Festival is safe and civilized, local authorities encourage people and small businesses to comply with regulations of the Organizing Committee.

Actively maintain traffic safety

This year, the Ripe Fruit Season Festival with the theme "Lai Thieu of Appointment Season" is held from June 15 to 22 with many activities. Compared to previous years, the festival organized by the Provincial People's Committee has a larger scale, wider spread and is expected to increase the number of visitors compared to previous years. To ensure the traffic situation and security during the festival, People's Committee of Thuan An City has established 6 service teams, including the security and order management team whose leader and deputy leader are the Chief of Police and Deputy Chief of City Police.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Pham Quang Truong, Deputy Head of Thuan An City Police, the work of guaranteeing security and traffic safety at the 2024 Ripe Fruit Season Festival was assigned by the Festival Organizing Committee to Thuan An City Police in coordination with Provincial Police Department and the City Military Command are in charge. Accordingly, the police force will increase patrols, inspections, and handle violations on roads leading to the festival area. At the same time, daily working groups also increase patrols on key roads and bordering areas to ensure smooth traffic and stable social order and safety; do not let complicated situations arise during the festival, especially on the opening and closing days.

Strictly handle the situation of soliciting tourists

It can be said that the 2024 Ripe Fruit Season Festival is an opportunity for Binh Duong to promote a beautiful image, so the authorities and localities are making efforts with assigned tasks. Nguyen Minh Huy, Vice Chairman of Hung Dinh Ward People's Committee, said that the Ward People's Committee has issued a plan with specific contents on maintaining security and order - traffic safety, propaganda  and environmental sanitation... "Recently, the Ward People's Committee invited a number of households on Cach Mang Thang 8 Street to attend a meeting to implement the plan and write a commitment to list prices; do not oversell; ensure food safety and hygiene, environmental sanitation; Do not let vehicles encroach on sidewalks...", Mr. Nguyen Minh Huy said.

One of the worrying problems during the annual "Ripe Fruit Season" Festival is the encroachment on sidewalks, stalls, and counterfeit goods; the situation of luring tourists into the festival area. Not only that, before and during the opening of the festival, in fruit orchards near the Ngang bridge area, there was also a situation of luring tourists to visit, eat and drink at unsafe locations with prices are not listed, leading to frustration among tourists. Regarding this issue, Vice Chairman of Hung Dinh Ward People's Committee said: "With the situation of solicitation and price pressure causing trouble for tourists, especially in fruit orchards, if feedback is received, the Ward People's Committee will conduct verification and review the list of subjects to invite to the ward police to take strict measures to ensure a safe and civilized festival season."

The 2024 "Ripe Fruit Season" Festival will have more than 100 booths participating in the sale of handicrafts, food, beverages, fruits... It is known that Thuan An City has established a support group with the main force is the youth union members who are responsible for guiding tourists throughout the festival; promptly detect and denounce price gouging and price gouging that causes trouble for tourists; support traffic order and safety...

Reported by T.Trang, D.Huyen - Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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