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Thuan An effectively deploys models on environmental protection

Update: 23-11-2023 | 11:48:58

All 10 communes and wards in Thuan An city have so far implemented activities on environmental protection such as "Bright, green, clean, beautiful" contest; "Self-management group on environmental protection in reality"; "Self-managed front road"; "Road and alley without waste"; "Civilized urban road"... All have been served as the foundation for building the local model of "Trash-free quarter and civilized urban lifestyle" while contributing to obviously changing  in people's awareness of environmental protection.

The model of "Civilized residential group" in Binh Chuan ward’s Binh Phuoc A quarter launched

Through the patriotic emulation movements, models launched by the city, there have been 102 roads built  and managed by the front, including 59 roads presided over by the Front under people’s self-management. The roads have become cleaner and more spacious.

Reported by Tien Hanh-Translated by Kim Tin

Thuan An
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