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Thuan An holds commune-level FFC congress in Vinh Phu

Update: 01-03-2024 | 11:28:59

Early January 2024, the Fatherland Front Committee (FFC) of Vinh Phu ward in Thuan An city organized the 14th FFC congress for the 2024-2029 tenure. This was a commune-level congress chosen by the city’s FFC as the main one.

In the last term, the ward’s FFC and member organizations tried to promote great national solidarity. Noticeably, under the campaign of "All people uniting to build civilized urban and new-style rural areas" in association with the movement of "All people uniting to build cultural lifestyle", the ward’s project to build civilized urban, cultural lifestyle was unanimously implemented by a large number of people with many good models... Especially, the ward’s FFC built 17 “great unity” houses, upgraded 7 others from the local Fund for the Poor and donors… In the next tenure, the ward’s FFC strives to make efforts in reaching over 100% of the annual target of the local Fund for the Poor; strives to build 5 “great unity” houses by the end of the tenure...

The congress negotiated to appoint 31 delegates to participate in the 14th FFC of the ward for the 2024-2029 tenure. At the first meeting, Nguyen Thi Thao was negotiated to be Chairwoman of the ward’s FFC. On this occasion, the ward’s People's Committee awarded the certificates of merit to 9 groups and 23 individuals for their achievements in front work in the last tenure.

Reported by Huynh Thuy-Translated by Kim Tin

Thuan An
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