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To boost urban culture construction

Update: 28-02-2024 | 18:35:31

Up to now, Ben Cat town has basically invested in building and completing the system of cultural and sports facilities from town to commune, ward, neighborhood, hamlet; developing cultural life at the grassroots level, step by step successfully implementing cultural movements. Thereby, the town meets the spiritual and cultural enjoyment needs of the people and builds, forms a cultural and civilized way of life, preserving and promoting the local customs and cultural beauties.

Ben Cat Town effectively implements cultural activities, creating a healthy playground for residents during festivals and holidays

Establishing grassroots culture

Coming to Ben Cat town today, everyone can easily notice the rapid changes. Alongside strong industrial development and transportation infrastructure, the locality is actively promoting the construction of urban culture in every neighborhood and hamlet, involving mobilizing residents to contribute labor, donate land for building and completing the rural transportation system for each household, constructing parks, playgrounds for entertainment so that all residents can rejoy.

Mr. Le Van Hoang, residing in neighborhood 3, My Phuoc ward, said: "I know that not long from now, Ben Cat town will be upgraded to a city. Over the past few years, the local authorities have mobilized and coordinated with each household to carry out various activities. These include promoting green, clean, and beautiful living environments; ensuring security and order in every neighborhood and rental housing area; implementing volunteer programs to assist disadvantaged households in their development. The town also encourages residents to donate land for road construction and develop civilized alleyways. The citizens benefit greatly from these activities."

In our conversation, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy, Head of the Division of Culture and Information of Ben Cat town, stated that: "The local focus on building "Urban Civilization Routes" is one of the important criteria for implementing cultural and civilized lifestyles in the area while directly serving the interests of local residents. Through this, Ben Cat town has effectively implemented these models in communes and wards."

According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy, every year, associations and localities register to build points for each neighborhood, ward, and hamlet along a road. In this regard, localities are promoting propaganda activities to raise awareness and encourage voluntary compliance with laws, regulations on building urban cultural and civilized lifestyles; rectifying the situation of encroaching on sidewalks, road shoulders, returning pedestrian walkways, guiding people to install signs for specific routes, socializing the construction of green tree belts along roads.

Along with that, TX.Ben Cat promotes socialization activities, attracting many organizations and individuals to invest in building infrastructure and directly organizing cultural and sports services such as: Building theaters, badminton courts, artificial turf football fields, electronic gaming services... with an investment capital of over 40 billion VND. The town currently has 150 playgrounds of various types including: 4 swimming pools, 8 tennis courts, 24 fitness and beauty clubs, 1 large soccer field, 54 mini soccer fields, 22 volleyball courts, 1 table tennis court, 4 tennis courts, a badminton court, 6 children's play areas, 10 martial arts clubs, 10 billiards clubs etc., creating entertainment and recreational spots for the residents.

Towards civilized urbanity

Along with building grassroots culture, in recent times, TX.Ben Cat has also focused on constructing and putting into operation cultural and sports facilities from the town to the grassroots level, serving traditional education activities, recreational needs, entertainment, and enhancing the spiritual life enjoyment of the people. Some key projects can be mentioned such as: Historical relic of Tam Giac Sat underground tunnel, Bot Cau Dinh Bridge, To Long Hung Pagoda, Ben Cat Town Cultural and Sports Center; monuments, squares in Ben Cat Town, Conference Exhibition Center, My Phuoc Theater, Youth Worker and Young Labor Support Center, Worker Cultural Center, Children's House, Library - Traditional House, Cultural, sports and community learning center of communes, wards and public works, parks in the area.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy added that, from 2022 to present, the locality has effectively utilized and exploited cultural facilities. This includes regularly organizing cultural, artistic, and sports activities at cultural centers, sports facilities, and community learning centers. Every year, villages and wards organize from 5 to 10 sports competitions, many contests, performances, cultural exchanges to celebrate major holidays; conduct educational activities, learning, disseminate knowledge and best practices in production, improve the quality of life of people and at the same time participate in activities organized by the province and town.

Besides focusing on building key works, creating large playgrounds for all people to enjoy, recently, Ben Cat town has also implemented a reading model at dormitory areas to serve workers. In that regard, the town has distributed 5,000 copies of books to dozens of dormitory areas in the area. The library-museum system continues to expand and innovate in terms of content and display form; effectively carrying out traditional education work, enhancing cultural and scientific values for the people, especially the younger generation. Many practical programs are being implemented down to the neighborhood and hamlet level, with active participation and positive response from various sectors, levels, and the entire population, bringing about effective results.

Reported by Quang Tam – Huu Tan – Translated by Vi Bao

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