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To elevate local produces

Update: 21-02-2024 | 14:41:55

Phu Giao district is blessed by temperate climate and fertile soil, ideal for agricultural development. The locality is emerging as a bright spot in the One Commune One Product (OCOP) program with high quality and strong local identity.

Taiwanese pineapple products of Binh Duong Agricultural Cooperative achieve 3-star OCOP

Product diversity

Coming to Phu Giao, visitors cannot help but be impressed with the diversity of OCOP from delicious green-skinned grapefruit, melon, and Ri6 durian to typical and unique products of honey, Taiwanese pineapple, Hoang Kim star apple among others. All are produced according to VietGAP program with quality, food safety and hygiene assured.

Binh Duong Agricultural Cooperative in Phuoc Sang commune was established in 2015 and has been especially successful in domesticating new varieties of Taiwanese pineapple and star apple into typical products bearing unique local symbols. Mr. Le Van Thuan, Director of Binh Duong Agricultural Cooperative, said: "The product was boldly planted by the cooperative starting in 2017. After a period of research on the genetic characteristics of plants, fertilizer with suitable soil composition, by 2019, the seeds were successfully transplanted. In the next stage, the cooperative researched to produce products with beautiful designs, good consumer markets and was recognized as a 3-star OCOP.

Currently, durian trees are also considered the main fruit tree of the district, with a total planting area of 239 hectares accommodating about 35 farming households which have applied production according to VietGAP process to produce high quality products. Mr. Dang Van Xuan's household at hamlet 5 in Tan Hiep commune, with about 4 hectares, earns an income of 800 - 900 million VND a year. In 2023, his family's Phu Tan durian product was evaluated and recognized by the district council as having a 3-star standard. According to Mr. Xuan, building the OCOP will help entities develop products in a sustainable way while showcasing breakthroughs and keeping up with market trends.

Ms. Huynh Ngoc Anh, Head of the Economic Division of Phu Giao district, said: "After 5 years of implementation, the OCOP Program has created a strong spread to be implemented proactively, ensuring synchronization and breadth everywhere in the locality. Up to now, all 11 communes and towns have officials in charge of monitoring and guiding the implementation of the program."

To enhance value

Ms. Huynh Ngoc Anh added that OCOPs have quickly affirmed their position and been positively received by the market, helping farmers expand production scale, increase product value, thereby contributing to the transformation of production, economic restructuring, improving people's income and living standards, effectively implementing the group of criteria of "Economy and production organization" in the national criteria set for new rural communes. Through the OCOP Program, many good models, effective and creative methods have been discovered contributing to improving the quality and value of agricultural products of the district.

Promoting the strengths of agricultural products, Phu Giao district aims to develop OCOP tourism, creating opportunities for visitors to actually experience the production process and enjoy quality OCOP products. Mr. Le Van Thuan, Binh Duong Agricultural Cooperative, shared: "The cooperative develops high-tech agricultural tourism chain products to attract tourists to visit the model of growing Taiwanese custard apple and star apple; thereby, helping to promote and bring products to consumers as quickly as possible."

According to district leaders, the OCOP Program is one of the important tasks in implementing the National Target Program on building new rural areas. However, besides the achieved results, the implementation of the OCOP Program in the area still has certain shortcomings that need to be overcome. Information, propaganda, and awareness raising work for officials and people is still not regular; Some subjects registered to participate but were not determined and passive; The organization of activities to support trade promotion and sales of OCOP has not been done much, the production of the entities is still small, inconsistent in quality. OCOPs of the district reach 3 - 4 stars; many but have not yet become commodity products, not many large businesses have participated.

To promote achieved achievements as well as overcome remaining limitations, and at the same time provide solutions for sustainable development of OCOPs, the district continues to promote information and communication work. In addition, the organization reviews and orients participating product registration subjects in the direction of focusing on developing new products, at the same time upgrading existing products, not chasing quantity. Product development must be key, encouraging the inclusion of cultural values and characteristics of Phu Giao district into OCOPs. Promote trade promotion, promote agricultural product market development, support supply and demand connection, develop wholesale and retail channels, and appropriate distribution systems.

Reported by Hanh Nhi – Ly Huy – Translated by Vi Bao

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