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To extensively disseminate Project 02 to every household

Update: 01-12-2023 | 14:31:10

On the morning of November 30, Nguyen Loc Ha, Member of Binh Duong provincial Party Standing Committee, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, chaired a meeting to implement the Project of "People's Participation in Building a Cultural and Civilized Lifestyle" in Binh Duong province for 2021-2025 (referred to as Project 02).

Nguyen Loc Ha concludes the meeting

At the meeting, representatives from relevant departments and agencies exchanged and discussed various issues to effectively implement Project 02, such as urban aesthetics, sidewalks, road shoulders; ensuring traffic safety; organizing traditional markets, spontaneous markets; dredging canals for smooth flow; ensuring food safety, cultural education, and traffic safety in all levels of schools; ensuring clean and standardized boarding houses.

Delegates also discussed issues related to public restrooms; green and clean office buildings and businesses; implementing flower-lined streets; funding for project implementation.

In his concluding statement at the meeting, Nguyen Loc Ha proposed that news agencies and broadcasters enhance extensive dissemination of Project 02. Departments and sectors need to review and report on the contents related to Project 02 that their agencies and units have implemented before December 10, 2023, to the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

The implementation and dissemination of Project 02 should be carried out to every household to ensure everyone's participation; review the criteria and adjust the waste collection targets accordingly.

Reported by Huynh Thuy – Translated by Vi Bao

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