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To promote high-tech urban agricultural development

Update: 24-11-2022 | 08:27:14

In 2022, Thuan An city has promoted the development of urban and high-tech agriculture with all 5 demonstration models which are the planting and caring for orchids in urban areas of mokara orchid planting techniques in An Thanh ward to support farmers engaging in the tech. Demonstration model of open net house combined with sprinkler irrigation system has been performed at 4 places for the scale of 1,000m2 each site. The bonsai demonstration model was performed at 4 sites for the scale of 50 trees each site. The demonstration model of safe cucumber cultivation is carried out at 8 demonstration sites at a scale of 1,000m2 each site. Demonstration model of safe bitter melon cultivation has been carried out at 7 demonstration sites at a scale of 1,000m2 each.

The purpose of organizing the above demonstration models is to transfer techniques to farmers through demonstration models to spread cultivation techniques to producers.

Reported by Phuong An – Translated by Vi Bao

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