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To visit Bau Goc revolutionary base

Update: 30-04-2021 | 13:13:41

Binh My in North Tan Uyen district has an important army base area associated with the revolutionary struggle of our army and people. That is Bau Goc army base (C4 army base), which was recognized by Provincial People's Committee as a historical - cultural relic (base C4).

Memorial zone of Bau Goc base has become a "red address" associated with the construction and development history of provincial police force.

A historic site

During the war, with a geographic location surrounded by dense forests, be close to streams and residential areas, Bau Goc became an optimal place for revolutionary activities, was chosen by many armed units from central level to province and district level to be the base for stationing, building up forces and organizing revolutionary activities against invaders.

Le Van Phuoc, Director of Provincial Museum, said Bau Goc is a historic site within War Zone D. This is a place associated with the revolutionary struggle of our army and people in the Southeast in general, and Binh My commune, North Tan Uyen district, Binh Duong province in particular. Bau Goc is considered to be a place tied to with the formation and operation of Binh Duong security force (the current Provincial Police) during the resistance war against the US.

According to historical records, on August 26th 1945, the National Defense force of Thu Dau Mot province was established from self-defense squads. This organization is also the predecessor of police force of Binh Duong (C4). The "National Defense" of Thu Dau Mot province played an important role in protecting public security and order, suppressing colonial henchmen, reactionary parties against the revolution. In April 1946, the "National Defense" was renamed Thu Dau Mot Public Security Service and operated throughout the resistance war against French colonialists.

After the general attack and uprising in the spring 1968, the enemy counterattacked fiercely, Bau Goc base was also attacked continuously. In early 1969, due to the US raids, Security Commission had to move from Bau Goc to another place, up to Ma Da forest, Bau Chap area of War Zone D.

In Nov 1972, when there was a decision to dissolve the subdivision and re-establish the province, Security Commission of Division V became Security Department of Thu Dau Mot province. In Dec 1974, Provincial Security Commission moved back to Bau Goc base in Binh My commune to rebuild the base. Then Provincial Security Commission focused on building and developing its forces, opened many advisory meetings for Provincial Party Committee to develop attack plans and occupied important targets, contributing to the complete liberation of the South and national reunification.

Under a direction of Thu Dau Mot Provincial Party Committee, from April 20 to April 26th 1975, at Bau Goc base, Provincial Security Commission held consecutive meetings to set up attack plans, agreed on the plan and re-established a takeover subcommittee. On April 27th 1975, our troops simultaneously went straight to the targets assigned by Provincial Party Committee. At 10 am on April 30th 1975, security forces of Thu Dau Mot province completely occupied 3 key targets and collected all documents of the enemy. At 11.30 pm on April 30th 1975, the army and people of Binh Duong took control of Thu Dau Mot town, completely liberated the province.

To contain precious values

After the country was completely liberated, Bau Goc base forest was destroyed and cleared to plant rubber trees, crops. To form a traditional meeting place, in Aug 2014, with support from the local government, provincial Police built Bau Goc memorial area at My Duc hamlet, Binh My commune, North Tan Uyen district. Bau Goc base memorial area comprises items, such as: Hoang Cam kitchen, secret tunnels, and beer house. These items were closely linked together and hidden under the primeval forest canopies, next to streams, all create a valuable relic.

These items are built to vividly represent the operation and fighting process of provincial police force in the resistance against foreign aggression; at the same time, it is a tribute to generations of soldiers who sacrificed themselves for the fighting for national liberation. This place has become a "red address" associated with the construction and development history of provincial police force; a place to return whenever Binh Duong Police soldiers remember their old comrades. Later, every year, provincial Police often organize trips for the young generation to this relic as well as hold meaningful ceremonies of new Party member admission.

Bau Goc base is a place associated with the history of Provincial Police; is a majestic evidence of our predecessor's generation in the struggle for national liberation. Le Van Phuoc said that with historical values that have been preserved until day, in order to protect its value, in 2017, Bau Goc base was recognized by Provincial People's Committee as a province-level historical monument. Bau Goc base is forever the pride of land and people here, is a place to educate the young generation today and tomorrow on revolutionary traditions.

Reported by Hong Thuan - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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