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To wide open opportunities to participate in global supply chains

Update: 07-06-2024 | 14:22:55

Binh Duong currently has over 4,300 FDI enterprises and over 60,000 domestic enterprises operating, including many businesses gradually participating in the global supply chain. However, in order to deepen their involvement, industrial production enterprises still face numerous unresolved issues that require support.

Production is on-going at Cicor Vietnam Co. Ltd. (VSIP 1)

Opportunities for local businesses

In the context of globalization and international integration, participating in the global supply chain is seen as a necessary step for Vietnamese businesses. In an interview with us, Mr. Preben Elnef, General Director of Lego Vietnam Factory, stated that once operational, the factory in Vietnam will be the most sustainable factory of the Lego Group worldwide. “Lego not only builds factories and sells products, but also invests in Vietnam with the aim of diversifying the supply chain. Therefore, we are ready to welcome factory tours to explore collaboration opportunities,” said Mr. Preben Elnef.

According to Mr. Preben Elnef, Lego also has a dedicated team responsible for collaborating with Vietnamese businesses. In its development strategy, the corporation always prioritizes local suppliers. Businesses aspiring to become suppliers for Lego must adhere to certain standards, rather than solely relying on scale, in order to foster sustainable development and uphold environmental protection values.

In line with the trend of supporting local businesses to participate in the supply chain, Mr. Eliseo Barcas, General Director of Tetra Pak Vietnam (VSIP 2 A), stated that the company's support for local businesses in building the capacity for recycling paper box packaging is part of Tetra Pak's global strategy to establish a circular economy with low carbon emissions. This also demonstrates a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility towards businesses and the local community.

According to Mr. Tran Thanh Trong, Chairman of the Provincial Electrical and Mechanical Association, there is an expectation that in the coming period, the sectors will create conditions for FDI enterprises and domestic enterprises to connect and develop supply chains. As a result, product links and processing links will be formed between support industrial factories and FDI enterprises, contributing to the formation of a network of domestic suppliers with good capacity, effectively attracting investment and promoting sustainable domestic industrial development.

To necessarily meet the standards of the partner

Recently, in our conversation, Mr. Vo Hoang Lam, CEO of Coteccons, the construction company for two green projects at VSIP III, namely the Lego Factory and Pandora, informed us that investors from Denmark have chosen Coteccons, a 100% Vietnamese-owned contractor, due to its compliance with international standards.

According to the government, after 20 years of establishment, Coteccons possesses 4 unique and distinctive values, known as "Coteccons Inside," which have built its reputation and brand. Coteccons highly values sustainable commitment to the environment in all projects, diversifies services and products, focuses on customer experience, and brings added value in operations and business cooperation. "For FDI partners, the most important aspect is not the scale of the business, but rather meeting stringent standards in technology and the environment set by the investor. Next is the transparent and professional bidding process, with the advantage of reputation, rich experience, and a shared vision for sustainable development. A long-term vision, along with the partner's contribution of good value to society," said Mr. Vo Hoang Lam.

Mr. Nguyen Trong Luat, General Director of Cicor Vietnam Co., Ltd. (VSIP 1), stated: “Vietnamese enterprises aspire to become partners of FDI enterprises, especially large manufacturing corporations that need to focus on production capacity to meet partner's standards. In fact, Vietnamese enterprises possess the necessary technical expertise and resources to meet these requirements, as evidenced by the fact that FDI enterprises rely on Vietnamese resources for production development. To achieve this, businesses need to be granted preferential treatment in terms of land, finance, and resources for management and investment. This requires the support of the Government, ministries, and sectors with specific regulations.”

Mr. Luat further stated that, in order to enhance the production capacity of businesses, Cicor Vietnam recently entered into a strategic partnership with the Eastern International University (EIU) with the aim of improving the quality of human resource training according to the latest curriculum and technologies. Strengthening collaboration in R&D projects will expand opportunities for training, academic cooperation, and entrepreneurship.

Mr. Nguyen Van Danh, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee: Binh Duong will continue to organize numerous trade promotion programs in order to effectively bridge the gap and create opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers to meet and connect with retail corporations, distribution systems, and import-export enterprises. At the same time, it will create conditions for the stable and sustainable development of the domestic and international consumer markets for products from Binh Duong specifically and the whole country in general. This will in turn create a competitive advantage in both the domestic and international markets.

Reported by Tieu My – Cam Tu – Translated by Vi Bao

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