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Together with the disabled overcome difficulties

Update: 20-04-2024 | 13:55:54

People with disabilities (PWDs) in the province always try to improve their lives by their own extraordinary will and energy. Besides, with the attention and help of both the political system and the entire society, PWDs in the province have gradually had a stable life, many of them have become shining examples in the community.

Although his home is 14km far from the company, Cao Xuan Thuy overcomes difficulties and works diligently to earn an income and improve his life.

Spread the extraordinary energy of life

PWDs are the most vulnerable group in society. But with extraordinary will and energy, together with the care and help of the entire political system in the province, and the joint contributions of the entire community, PWDs have had more motivation to overcome their fate and become better persons.

We went to Ngai Thang and Quyet Thang neighborhoods in Binh Thang ward, Di An city, asked about Tran Quoc Cuong and Cao Xuan Thuy, and found that many people knew them because they are famous "artists" in the ward. As PWDs, both Thang and Cuong always have a "spirit of steel" and resilient will to overcome inferiority complex due to physical defects and rise up to prove themselves.

In a small house in Ngai Thang neighborhood, despite having difficulty walking, Tran Quoc Cuong always smiles brightly, shows optimism and love for life. Talking about his unfortunate fate, Cuong confided: When he was 3 years old, he had a fever that paralyzed both arms and the left side of his body. During his childhood years, although he did not fully understand the disadvantages of a disabled person, he tried his best to finish high school and then learn himself to use computers. To get rid of his self-consciousness, he joined the ward and city's PWD performance team and was selected for the province’s team to compete in the national PWD singing competition.

“When I have a stable job, I am happy, confident, proactively share my thoughts and feelings with other PWDs and encourage everyone to strive together. Now, my life has turned a new page when I always have my wife and children accompanying me, sharing the joys and sorrows of life. My greatest happiness is waking up every morning, together with my wife going to work, seeing my children grow up every day," Cuong added.

In the same situation as Cuong is Cao Xuan Thuy, who lives in Quyet Thang neighborhood. Having a birth defect, he many times hid his cries, self-pity and suffering inside to live. Born into a poor family, life is too difficult, and there are not many job opportunities for people with disabilities like him. He did any job as long as he had income and did not break the law, but life is always full of ups and downs. Then good luck also came to Thuy when he was accepted to Saitex International Company (Amata Industrial Park, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province) to work as an assistant for sewing lines.

With persistent efforts, Tran Quoc Cuong overcame his shortcomings to work and has a stable life.

He shared that he had difficulty walking, his home was 14km from the company, therefore the first few working days were difficult and strenuous; but with his own strength to overcome difficulties, he has been wedded to the company, with the job to earn income to make a living and take care of his elderly father. Thuy shared: “The biggest barrier for people with disabilities is guilt and low self-esteem. I always tell myself to be like a small incense stick, burning it all will give off a fragrant aroma."

Together taking care of PWDs

With their own limitations, people with disabilities face countless difficulties, but that does not mean they abandon their fate and rely on the help of family and society. They always try to overcome their own shortcomings to become "disabled but not useless" people who are useful to their family and society.

Besides their own efforts, PWDs in the province are always followed, encouraged and promptly supported by their families, departments, unions, organizations, businesses and individuals. Sympathizing with people with disabilities, in recent times, the care for people with disabilities has always received attention from both the political system and the entire society.

Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh, Chairwoman of the Provincial Support Association for People with Disabilities, Orphans and Poor Patients, said: “Over the past years, the Provincial Support Association for People with Disabilities, Orphans and Poor Patients has always cared for, supported, helped, and encouraged people with disabilities, orphans and poor patients both physically and mentally for them to constantly strive to improve their lives. What is precious is that for many people with disabilities, they are aware that they are "disabled but not useless", always try to overcome their own difficulties, become useful people for their family and society.

In 2023, through many forms of mobilization, the Provincial Support Association for People with Disabilities, Orphans and Poor Patients mobilized more than 4.5 billion VND (including money and in-kind), reaching 200% of the yearly plan to support vulnerable groups.

Reported by Kim Ha - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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