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Traffic safety order ensured - efficiency from the coordination of forces

Update: 10-04-2024 | 14:56:17

To ensure traffic safety order in the province, the provincial police have actively worked with representatives of the Department of Transport and proposed solutions, coordinated plans in patrolling, inspecting and handling violations.

Shared data

According to the observations of reporters, forces such as Traffic Inspectors, Traffic Police, and Administrative Police on social order have recently increased patrols on routes and directly penalized many violations. In addition, the authorities have also noted many violations through journey surveillance cameras and carried out restrospective fines.

Traffic police forces coordinate with traffic inspectors to weigh the load of trucks.

The representative of the Vehicle and Driver Management Department - Department of Transport - stated that the unit has reviewed the vehicles violating and "shared data" with relevant forces. Specifically, in the case of violating vehicles, notifications will be sent to the provincial traffic police department and local traffic police for punishment; at the same time, notifications will also be sent to the registration agency for coordination. For vehicles that have been notified of violations but have not paid fines, they are not allowed to register.

Regarding the monitoring equipment for journey surveillance, currently the Department of Transport is managing the issuance of permits for over 45,700 vehicles, about 1,384 transport businesses, on average issuing 30 new transport business licenses and 1,200 vehicles each month. In terms of handling speeding violations through monitoring vehicles, after collecting and summarizing the data, the Ministry of Transport sends notifications of speeding violations by vehicles to each locality. In January 2024, the Department of Transport has proposed the revocation of permits for 485 vehicles that have violated speed limits. Therefore, sharing data on these violating vehicles with relevant authorities is necessary, helping them coordinate supervision and information exchange to ensure traffic safety and order, emphasized a representative of the Department of Transport.

Tight control from stations

Major General Ngo Xuan Phu, Deputy Director of the Provincial Police, believes that the reduction of traffic accidents has been consistently implemented from the central to local levels in recent times. The goal of ensuring traffic order and safety is to establish discipline and strict compliance with traffic laws by both road users and law enforcement officers. From there, build self-consciousness, behave civilized, standards of people when participating in traffic, step by step forming a clear traffic culture among the people; reduce traffic accidents, with a focus on ensuring security, safety, health, lives, and property of the people.

Major General Ngo Xuan Phu, with the rapid economic development of the locality has attracted a large number of workers to live and work, while the transportation infrastructure still has many shortcomings. Therefore, the coordination between forces to ensure traffic safety and order is very necessary. Based on that, the provincial police proposed the Department of Transport to continue directing the traffic inspection forces, the management agencies of bus stations, the Port Authority of Waterways to control the load, passengers right from the stations, yards, sources of goods, gathering points, warehouses, ports, places where goods are loaded onto trucks, watercraft. "The work is to detect violations and take preventive measures from the beginning," Major General Ngo Xuan Phu said.

Reported by Quynh Anh – Nam Ni – Translated by Vi Bao

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