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Training on ensuring safety, preventing violence against children at preschools

Update: 07-05-2024 | 12:33:18

Early May 5, Thuan An city’s Department of Education and Training organized a class on ensuring safety and preventing violence against children at preschools for the 2023-2024 school year.

The class absorbed more than 400 learners, including the owners of non-public preschools and childcare groups across the city. Dr.Dong Van Toan, Director of Thu Dau Mot University’s Psychology Program shared about the problem of child abuse over the past time; informed learners of some recent cases handled by authorities, due to the acts of violence against children while popularizing behaviors related to child abuse, including all acts of physical or mental mistreatment...

The class aimed at training and improving teachers' moral qualities, sense of responsibility and professional conscience in the process of organizing child care and education activities; building a contingent of educators full of love for children under the criteria of absolute safety for children physically and mentally...

Reported by Tue Nhi-Translated by Kim Tin

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