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Typical tourism products promoted

Update: 23-03-2021 | 16:24:19

According to the local orientation on tourism development for the 2021-2025 period, Dau Tieng district will focus on improving the quality of existing tourism products and developing new ones such as eco-tours along Dau Tieng reservoir, Saigon River, Thi Tinh River; tours to historical, cultural, spiritual relics combined with traditional festivals ...

Cau mountain eco-tourism area and Dau Tieng reservoir in Dinh Thanh commune are oriented to develop into a semi-wild zoo with items such as zoning for regeneration, afforestation; displaying animals, taking care of animals; building hotels, campsite, sports and entertainment areas, commercial services, infrastructure for spiritual and cultural tourism on Cau mountain, Cau Bay temple and soon completing entertainmental forms at the Dot - Champa ecotourism site in Dinh An commune’s ​​Bau Dau hamlet.

The tourism complex model along Dau Tieng reservoir, Saigon river, Thi Tinh river will form up camping and picnic areas. The district’s tourism activities to visit orchards, picnic areas along the Saigon river in ​​Thanh Tuyen, Thanh An communes and Dau Tieng town will be combined with the form of exchanging “don ca tai tu” (southern folk music) and countryside cuisine,…

The district’s activities of visiting historical, cultural and spiritual relics combined with learning about the local traditional festivals are oriented to form up meaningful tours. In addition, it is necessary to promote socialization of investment in food and souvenir services at historic relic sites, contributing to promoting the local tourism.  

Reported by Dinh Thang-Translated by K.T

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