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Upholding dry port’s advantages, promoting import and export of goods

Update: 04-06-2024 | 15:12:35

Thanh Phuoc Port has just become the first dry port announced in Binh Duong. In March 2024, the Ministry of Finance recognized a location for customs procedures at the export and import port established inland at Thanh Phuoc dry port. This continues being considered as an "open button" to unlock the local logistics potential.

Unlocking logistics potential

Established in 2007, Thanh Phuoc dry port is an inland waterway port located next to Dong Nai river. The port is planned with a total area of ​​53 hectares, including 16 wharves with a total length of up to 1 km. The port is capable of receiving watercrafts of up to 3,000 tons.

Thanh Phuoc Port is allowed to carry out customs clearance procedures, which will create favorable conditions for enterprises in the province in import and export activities

Tran Huu Loi, General Director of Thanh Phuoc Port Joint Stock Company said that Thanh Phuoc dry port with available warehouse systems and exploitation yards along with a favorable geographical location can connect industrial parks and manufacturing plants in the province. With the desire of transforming the mode of transport to create a "green" logistics route, Thanh Phuoc dry port has focused on developing customs clearance services for import and export goods at the port through barges connecting with port clusters in Ho Chi Minh city and especially connecting with deep-water port clusters in Cai Mep - Thi Vai in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province.

At the conference introducing procedures for import and export of goods through Thanh Phuoc port to more than 140 import-export and logistics enterprises in the province, Nguyen Thanh Binh, Deputy Director of provincial Customs Department said that Thanh Phuoc port being recognized as a place to carry out customs procedures for import and export of goods will create favorable conditions for businesses. Instead of having to transport goods to seaports in Ho Chi Minh city and Ba Ria - Vung Tau province to complete import and export procedures, businesses can now do procedures right at Thanh Phuoc port, thereby shortening transportation time, reducing costs, load on ports in Ho Chi Minh city, reducing traffic congestion...

Binh Duong is implementing a policy to focus on relocating enterprises located outside industrial parks (Ips) and industrial compounds (Ics) in the southern region to the Ips and Ics in the northern region of the province. This is very convenient for businesses when choosing Thanh Phuoc dry port to carry out customs clearance procedures for importing and exporting goods. Along with the advantage of the local preferential policies as well as procedural support of provincial Customs Department, Thanh Phuoc dry port has also connected a data transmission line between customs agencies and shipping lines while  investing in a smart port management system with TOS, Eport software..., helping businesses shorten the time to resolve procedures during the process of customs clearance and goods delivery.

Effectively tapping inland ports

Binh Duong is currently one of the most dynamically developing localities in the southern region and the whole country with the formation and development of 33 Ips and 12 Ics in association with attracting enterprises, especially FDI ones. The total import-export turnover of province-based enterprises currently ranks 4th in the country. That advantage has created conditions for the province's logistics enterprises to develop quickly in both quantity and quality. The system of warehouses, yards and means of transportation is continuously being invested, expanded and upgraded, basically meeting the requirements of domestic and foreign goods circulation of enterprises in the province.

Most investors believe that it is difficult for them to accept an investment location that is not favorable for transporting production materials as well as optimizing costs on the export route. Understanding this, Binh Duong is determined to soon complete the belt roads 3, 4 of Ho Chi Minh city passing through the province's territory while directly integrating into other roads of the main intra-provincial axis such as My Phuoc - Tan Van - Bau Bang connecting towards international airports and seaports. Along with that, forming up a system of An Son, An Tay, An Dien ports, upgrading Binh Duong port to meet international border gate container port standards... These projects will create a traffic system of high connection with provinces and cities in the southern key economic region, ensuring connectivity and continuous transit of goods in and out of the province.

According to provincial Department of Planning and Investment, the province is home to 5 inland water ports that are operating to transport goods and 11 planned water ports that are in the process of completing investment procedures. The inland port system has been gradually promoting its role and advantages in reducing costs, transportation time and circulation of goods; contributing to reducing pressure on the road traffic system, increasing connectivity between Binh Duong and other provinces and cities in the region.

Tran Van Uc, Head of Panasonic Life Solutions Vietnam Co., Ltd.’s Import-Export - Logistics Department expressed his joy because there is a new method of transport, import and export of goods from road to barge transport. Along with the advantages of preferential policies of Binh Duong province as well as the support of policies and procedures from industries, Thanh Phuoc port can carry out customs clearance procedures, which will create great advantages for enterprises.

By the end of 2023, the Ministry of Transport has added 3 new dry ports, including Thanh Phuoc port, Nam Dinh Vu port in the phase 1 and Phu My port in the phase 1 to Vietnam's dry port system. Among them, Thanh Phuoc dry port is located at No.207, DT747A, group 1, Tan Luong quarter, Thanh Phuoc ward, Tan Uyen city, contributing to opening the gateway for goods trade between Binh Duong province and other localities across the country, helping enterprises transport goods conveniently and save costs.

Reported by Ngoc Thanh-Translated by Kim Tin

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