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Urban planning and development associated with improving people's quality of life

Update: 18-05-2021 | 11:30:33

In order to promote the process of urbanization and modernization, Dau Tieng district will further implement the district's urban development planning and programs in line with the province's planning orientations, building Dau Tieng into a civilized, rich and beautiful city, combining urban development with improving people's quality of life.

The district will also develop urban areas in the direction of focusing on harmony between factors that ensure inheritance, renovation while preserving and promoting the fine historical and cultural values ​​of the city in association with making environmental protection, trade-service production development, ensuring national defense - security. In addition, the district will also focus on promoting propaganda and mobilizing resources for urban development, in which resources from the State budget are as a main lever for the society’s development; take advantage of the development support of higher authorities to carry out key projects, developing the local advantages.

Reported by Khanh Linh-Translated by K.T

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