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Vietnam backs UN peace-building efforts

Update: 23-11-2009 | 00:00:00

Vietnam’s representative at the United Nations has spoken highly of the Peacebuilding Commission (PBC)’s efforts in implementing missions stipulated by the relevant Resolutions of the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council.

Ambassador Hoang Chi Trung, Vietnam’s Deputy Permanent Representative to

the UN, was speaking at the 64th Session of the UN General Assembly on the PBC’s report and the Secretary-General’s report on the Peacebuilding Fund in New York on Nov. 20.

He welcomed preliminary achievements in the national reconciliation, reconstruction and reintegration made by PBC recipient countries - Sierra Leone , Guinea Bissau, the Central African Republic, Burundi and other countries.

“Now that the United Nations peacebuilding architecture is in place with an extensive workload, the challenge is how to consolidate the achievements made thus far and generate added values in the period ahead,” Ambassador Trung said.

As the PBC enters its fourth year of operation, much remains to be done in enabling the Commission to truly become one of the key international instruments for coordinating peacebuilding activities.

According to the diplomat, the Commission should redouble its efforts to improve working methods and provisional rules of procedures, as well as rationalize the institutional relationship with other United Nations bodies and non-United Nations entities.


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