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Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park’s Trade Union focuses on solutions to develop new party members

Update: 13-05-2024 | 13:10:44

Responding to Vietnamese Workers' Month, in May 2024, the Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park’s (VISP) Party Committee organized an admission ceremony for 6 party members; At the same time, 78 elite members of the public were introduced to the Party awareness training class; guided 12 people who have learned Party awareness training class through compiling Party profiles and procedures to request admission to the Party.

Up to now, the VSIP Party Committee has developed 8/20 party members, reaching 40% of the yearly plan and reaching 81.25% of the planned targets for the whole term. Currently, the entire Party Committee has 179 party members and 8 affiliated cells.

Reported by K.Phong - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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