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Voluntary blood donation movement gets pervasion

Update: 07-04-2021 | 11:06:52

Voluntary blood donation is a noble gesture that has always been honored by the society. With the efforts by Red Cross Societies at all levels of the province in propaganda and mobilization, people from all strata across the province actively participated in giving blood over the past time, contributing to promoting the local voluntary blood donation movement...

Wide and deep pervasion

Along with the development of the local voluntary blood donation movement, the movement of voluntary blood donation among cadres and soldiers of provincial Police Agency has also been maintained for many years. Each blood donation campaign in or out of the unit attracted a large number of cadres and soldiers registering to participate in donating pink blood drops in their body to contribute to helping patients in need of blood at health facilities over the past time.

Numerous people from all strata participate in voluntary blood donation at the Pink Spring Festival 2021

Attending a recent voluntary blood donation program co-held by provincial Red Cross, provincial Police Agency’s Youth Union and HCM city-based Cho Ray hospital’s Blood Transfusion Center, we could see the wide and deep spreading of the movement among police officers. Despite being very busy with their professional task, with the meaning of "A drop of blood saves a life”, officials, soldiers, Youth Union members of provincial Police Agency voluntarily participated in the movement, affirming their sense of responsibility and affection towards the community, joining hands for the sake of people’s health. With the theme of "Journey of a blood drop of sentimental attachment", this blood donation stage received 295 units of blood, actively contributing to the addition of blood reserves for emergency and treatment.

Recently, the voluntary blood donation stage in Dau Tieng district has also achieved very high results. Bui Thi Phuong Dung, Vice-Chairwoman of the district’s Red Cross Society said that the blood donation stage attracted a large number of cadres, officials, laborers and people from all strata  with  500 units of blood given. Up to now, 100% of communes and towns in the district have built a reserve blood donation force with the rate of repeat blood donors at over 35%. The local voluntary blood movement has got more and more thriving, attracting people from all strata, better meeting the local people’s needs for emergency and treatment.

Response activities

Tong Xuan Giang, Vice-Chairman of Provincial Red Cross said that in response to this year's the All-people blood donation day (April 7), provincial Red Cross Society had sent instructions to members of the Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation at all levels of the province. This is the peak period for the annual voluntary blood donation, so all localities will organize blood reception stages. Mr. Giang said: “Through promoting propaganda to raise awareness and change the behavior of cadres, civil servants, public employees, employees and people from all strata about the purpose and noble meaning of blood donation; encouraging numerous people from all walks of life to participate in giving blood, especially on April 7, the province will strive to mobilize and receive at least 2,000 units of blood or 10% of the year’s target, meeting the local demand for first-aid and treatment”.

In Thu Dau Mot city, the movement of voluntary blood donation has reached wide and deep development with the participation of numerous people from all strata, especially laborers and students. Although being affected by Covid-19 epidemic, the city's Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation since early this year has received more than 600 units of blood. Bui Thi Ngoc Truc, Chairwoman of the city’s Red Cross Society said that the city’s Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation will also organize  a blood donation festival on April 7 and is expected to collect 400 units of blood. Responding to this year’s the All-people blood donation day, Thuan An city’s Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation will also organize a new blood donation stage and is expected to collect 150 units of blood on April 13 ahead.

Along with giving blood, Duong Quang Toan, an active member of the local voluntary blood donation movement has set up a Facebook page to propagandize and mobilize all people to take part in blood donation for many years. "Donating blood regularly to help patients and check personal health", is the message that he always sends to everyone when having the opportunity to propagandize and mobilize. He also shared: “Blood donation is not only good for the health of blood donors, helping them regenerate new blood sources in their body, but also an opportunity for them to have periodic health checks at no extra cost. Therefore, if having good health, everyone should participate in blood donation ”.

According to Mr. Giang, the local voluntary blood donation movement got more and more thriving over the past time. “To obtain the result, in addition to the efforts by cadres, members and volunteers of Red Cross Societies at all levels, the role of the Steering Committees for Voluntary Blood Donation at all levels was also very important. Members of the Steering Committees as well as the Red Cross Societies at all levels actively mobilized volunteers and people from all strata to participate in blood donation. Promoting the application of information technology in propaganda and mobilization for voluntary blood donation also helped people easily get access to  information on the organization of voluntary blood donation stages, thereby attracting more and more blood donors, contributing to spreading noble gestures in the community ", he said.

In addition to the annual peak stages of blood donation with programs, namely “Pink Spring Festival”, “Red Journey”,...the units have also organized more blood reception stages, ensuring and exceeding the assigned targets from the beginning of the year, thereby promptly providing enough blood for emergency and treatment at hospitals.

Reported by Hong Thuan-Translated by K.T

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