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When the Fatherland calls

Update: 24-02-2024 | 12:58:17

Listening to the call of the Fatherland, Binh Duong's elite young men, regardless of whether they are men or women, are ready to put aside their personal matters to join the army. These are shining examples of the volunteer spirit and patriotism of Vietnamese youth in the new era.

Provincial Youth Union leaders visit and encourage Huynh Thi Giang (middle) before she joins the army.

 The bravery of roses

With the impulsive spirit of youth, among young persons of Phu Giao district, Huynh Thi Giang in Hamlet 7, An Linh commune, wrote a letter to voluntarily join the army. Even though she is a young girl, Giang always has the dream of having the honor of wearing the colors of Uncle Ho's army. In July 2023, she graduated from Binh Duong Medical College and had a stable job at a drug store, but Giang wrote a volunteer application to join the army, putting aside her plans.

His father passed away early, his three older brothers have their own families, and Giang lives with his mother. When she learned that her daughter had signed up for the army, Giang's mother was worried that her daughter would not be able to withstand the hardships of training on the field and the discipline of the army. Giang said: “Becoming an army soldier has been my dream since childhood. At first, my mother did not understand my decision. After hearing me clearly express my wishes, my mother and brothers all supported me. I will always keep up my spirit, try to overcome difficulties, and train myself to become a good soldier."

In the days leading up to the military enlistment camp, Giang prepared all personal belongings to bring with her. Although there were moments of hesitation as saying goodbye to family and friends before leaving to join the army, Giang felt happy because she would be joining many other young men on their way to perform their duty to the homeland.

A dream of Linh

These days, Nguyen Thi Hue's family in Binh Dang Quarter, Binh Hoa Ward, Thuan An City is much busier because relatives and neighbors come to visit, congratulate, and encourage Le Thi Thuy Linh, daughter of Ms. Hue, who is the only female citizen of Thuan An City and volunteered to join up.

With indescribable emotions and a feeling of pride when about to wear the green shirt of her dreams, and a bit of worry because the military environment will contain many difficulties for women, Thuy Linh shared: “My family has a revolutionary tradition, my father is currently serving in the army. Through the stories my dad told, my love for the Vietnam People's Army grew more and more. After graduating from university, I wrote an application to join the army. As a woman, in the military environment there will certainly be more difficulties than men, but I will try my best to complete my tasks well."

Youth Union of Binh Hoa Ward visit, encourage, and gives gifts to Thuy Linh (middle) before leaving for military service.

Graduating from Thu Dau Mot University with a degree in logistics and supply chain management, the future is wide open ahead, but for Linh, joining the army is what she desires and is determined to do. Nguyen Thi Hue, Thuy Linh's mother, said: “My family is very happy and proud when our daughter was accepted into military service. From a young age, Linh was taught to be self-disciplined and to live responsibly. Linh is always good at studying and knows how to help parents with housework. When she went to college, Linh also had a part-time job with the purpose of accumulating more life experience. Therefore, the family is very confident that when Linh joins the army, she will overcome difficulties, quickly adapt to the new environment, and promote good family traditions."

Two brothers together join the army

Ong Thanh hamlet, Cay Truong 2 commune, Bau Bang district, has a family where two brothers were recruited for military service this year. The two brothers are Ta Minh Canh, born in 2003, and Ta Thien Bao, born in 2005.

Their house is located on DT750 street, Ong Thanh hamlet, Cay Truong 2 commune. Ta Xuan Cam, father of the two brothers Canh and Bao, sincerely and warmly said: “My family has a revolutionary tradition, out of 5 brothers, 4 have served in the army, so I always want my children to also experience the military environment. No place can help children become stronger and more mature than the military environment. I often advise my children: when citizens reach adulthood, especially men, if they are healthy and have intelligence, they must serve the Fatherland and fulfill their civic duties.

Two brothers Canh (right) and Bao are determined to join the army responding to the sacred calling of the Fatherland

Dang Thi Thu Hang, Canh and Bao's mother, continued: "The neighbors were surprised when I sent both brothers to the army, saying: "Aren't you sad?". The two sons were also afraid that their mother would be sad, so they kept comforting me: "Two years will pass so quickly. Your sons are very independent, so you don't have to worry about us." But for me, the fact that both brothers were accepted is the pride of the family. Even though I know I will miss my children, that is just a small thing. When my two children were discharged from the army and returned to the local area, my family was even more proud of them, when they had grown up and become Uncle Ho's soldiers".

Born in a family of three children, in addition to Canh and Bao, she also has an older sister who is working in Thu Dau Mot City. It is known that Canh currently has a stable job at a company in Long Hoa commune, Dau Tieng district. Bao has become 18 years old and is helping his father and mother with household chores. After completing his military service, Canh plans to continue working, while Bao will participate in a vocational training course...

Sharing about his decision, Bao said: “My brother and I both wish to join the army to train ourselves and help protecting the Fatherland. This is also the pride of the family and homeland." Canh shared: "I want to study and train in a military environment to become a useful person for society."

It is known that, not only were they educated about patriotism and responsibility towards the Fatherland, but through lessons, stories, and information seen through the mass media, the two brothers Canh and Bao have nurtured a sacred love for the homeland's islands and seas. Therefore, during this year's recruitment and calling of citizens to join the army, the two brothers expressed their desire to become soldiers in the Vietnamese Navy, to serve the country and keep peace in the islands and seas of the Fatherland.

No matter what choice they make, their family is very supportive to their children. Their parents always encourage their children to feel secure in joining the army, trying to study and practice to complete their assigned tasks well.

 Reported by N.Nhu - Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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