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Whole province is home to over 255 hectares in aquaculture area

Update: 22-09-2023 | 13:02:34

According to statistics, the province is now home to more than 255.7 hectares in aquaculture area, down 67.2 hectares over the same period, with a total output of 3,794.9 tons, an increase of 112.1 tons compared to the same period.

In terms of the situation of raising cage fish on Dau Tieng resoirve, there are currently 82 households with 261 cages, mainly raising lentil fish, red tilapia, snakehead fish, grass carp, beaded tilapia... On the Saigon River, there are 9 households with 23 cages, mainly raising lentil fish and red tilapia  in Dau Tieng district’s Thanh An, Dinh Thanh communes and Dau Tieng town.

According to the assessment of functional agencies, most aquaculture households on reservoirs and rivers have complied with the State’s regulations.

Reported by Phuong Anh-Translated by Kim Tin

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