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WORLD SMART COMMUNITY: Sharing experience to grow together

Update: 22-06-2022 | 13:02:06

On the afternoon of June 21, the Intellectual Community Forum (ICF) continued to have a talk show on sharing experience in smart city development with diverse contents. The discussion is expected to help ICF members soon find the key to open the door to innovation.

Many useful experience

The talk show was attended by representatives of cities, namely Dublin in Ohio State in the U.S, Taiwan Smart City, Eindhoven City in Noord-Brabant province in the Netherlands, Future City in Estonia, the “City as a Service” program in Finland, Bable Smart City in Germany together with representatives of India, Bangladesh...They shared many useful contents at the event.

Louis Zacharilla, Co-Founder of ICF, Dr. Nguyen Viet Long and representatives of typical global smart cities at the talk show

The most notable part was the speech of Mrs. Dana McDaniel, Mayor of Ohio state’s Dublin city in the U.S about experience of transformation from production to creativity that this city has been implementing very effectively. Dublin has long been known as an industrial city with the main industry group being the production of machines and tools for production, business and social life for the people. After completing goals on socio-economic development, in recent years Dublin in particular and Ohio in general are gradually shifting the economy from production to innovation associated with knowledge economy.

To do this, Mrs. Dana McDaniel said the government, businesses and the community have come together to find the right direction for the future. The government always tries to well realize the role of leading, supporting and connecting while schools, scientists and businesses are always looking for ways to innovate. With its persistence, Dublin has so far achieved initial results and continues being predicted by ICF to achieve greater achievements in the future.


At the talk show, Maggie Chao, Deputy Director of Taiwan Smart City ITRI Division also shared her experience in smart city development in association with innovation region implemented by Taiwan over the past time. She said that since 2018, Taiwan has integrated technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), big data and artificial intelligence (AI) into local, industrial activities and people’s daily life, realizing the vision of bringing technology to people, companies and authorities.

Philipp Riegebauer, Director of Bable Smart City in Germany also shared a speech under the theme of “Impact of Digital Transformation on Economic Development and Smart Cities”. In his speech, Philipp Riegebauer repeatedly mentioned the importance of science and technology applications to production and business activities today. To grasp and keep up with the era, countries, businesses and each person need to constantly learn and upgrade themselves. This will directly promote development for ourselves in the near future.

Binh Duong apprehends and acquires


Speaking at the talk show, representative of Binh Duong province expressed his deep gratitude to ICF members for their efforts in sharing experience on smart city development. The province affirmed that these are valuable experience directly affecting the construction of a smart city associated with the innovation region that Binh Duong is diligently implementing. In the coming time, Binh Duong is expected to send the local representatives to participate in regular seminars and forums organized by ICF to further visit and learn practical experience in smart city development.

At the end of the experience sharing session, Mr. Louis Zacharilla, co-founder of ICF coordinated the exchange program on smart urban construction model. Attending the online session in Binh Duong New City was Louis Zacharilla and Dr.Nguyen Viet Long, Director of provincial Department of Science and Technology together with Kris Carver (Australia), Niko Ferm (Finland), Moez Chaabouni (the U.S), Eric Legale (France), Martin Mannil (Estonia). The reporter's note showed that during the discussion, delegates effectively used their speeches and right to ask questions about the smart city models in the ICF.

For Binh Duong, ICF leaders asked the question "How has digitalization supported the Triple Helix model?". Answering this question, Dr. Nguyen Viet Long said that in recent years, the development speed of science, technology and digitization in the world has increased significantly, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. This is an important premise for sides (State - schools - businesses) to have the opportunity to work together and find solutions to existing problems.

According to Dr. Long, digitalization has been step by step promoting Binh Duong’s socio-economic development. In which, the government plays a leading and gathering role. Schools play the role of researching, training and providing digital application solutions that the community needs. Enterprises have the role of commercializing and popularizing products and results of scientific progress and bringing them to the market and to the society.

Currently, Binh Duong is implementing many digital transformation goals in association with building a smart city at the same time. Accordingly, along with promoting the construction of an innovation region as planned, the province also has a plan to support businesses to approach and step by step implement digital transformation. Currently, with the role of connecting and supporting, the province is drastically implementing programs to support enterprises, especially small and medium-sized ones in digital transformation. Some large enterprises, namely Becamex IDC, VNPT... in the province have also demonstrated their pioneering role when investing in the installation and operation of storage and connection infrastructure systems, being ready for strong digital transformation in the near future.

At the end of the talk show, ICF members agreed to continue sharing and supporting each other to build and develop smart cities in the coming time. On behalf of ICF, Mr. Louis Zacharilla also suggested that Binh Duong soon have a plan to share experience and support other members to accelerate their process of building smart cities. Mr. Louis Zacharilla affirmed once again, Binh Duong is doing very well in the transformation of economic form in accordance with the trend while affirming that the World Smart Community will always stand side by side with the province.
Attending the online talk show from the Netherlands, Stijn Steenbakker, Deputy Mayor and Naomie Verstraeten, Innovation Director of Eindhoven City also enthusiastically shared their experience in  smart city construction. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has tended to subside, the world is continuing facing challenges. This is the time when we can frankly admit to each other that it is time to make changes and apply science-technology advancements into the economy - society. They said that countries need to promote education and training activities for the young generation, inspiring and helping them confidently express themselves and directly participate into the current innovation game.

Reported by Dinh Thang-Translated by Kim Tin

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