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Youth in Binh Duong excited before the day of joining the army

Update: 26-02-2024 | 12:46:01

With the motto of "Managing troops at home, sending them off at commune, hand over them at district", today morning (February 26), 2,052 new recruits are present at the military enlistment camping festivals of 9 districts, towns and cities in the province. In the localities, preparations for the ceremony of handing over and receiving new recruits have been completed thoughtfully.

Party members volunteering to join the army

Lieutenant Colonel Do Minh Tri, Commander of Thu Dau Mot city’s Military Command said that by 2024, the city will have 7 Party members volunteering to join the army, reaching a high rate compared to regulations. The work of selecting and calling citizens to join the army in 2024 was implemented by the city in accordance with the prescribed process and time. The People's Committees of 14 wards organized and implemented strict steps in selecting new recruits. Especially, in order to achieve the target of recruiting official Party members to enlist at least 1%, the Party Committee of Thu Dau Mot city’s Military Command proactively advised the city’s Party Committee and coordinated with grassroots Party organizations, especially the Party Committees of wards to build resources and send Party members to the army. As a result, Thu Dau Mot city not only completed the annual military assignment target, but also met and exceeded the target of sending Party members to the army.

Tan Uyen city is chosen as the venue for the 2024 Army Enlistment Camping festival. The camping festival will continue the fire of tradition, helping new recruits feel secure to perform their military and police services

Immersed in the warm atmosphere of the early days of the Lunar New Year 2024, 210 youngsters of Thuan An city are also eagerly preparing to leave to carry out their military service. Nguyen Tuan Huy, a volunteer Party member of Binh Hoa ward said excitedly: "I'm very proud. I continue the family tradition of going out to fulfill my duty as a young man defending the Fatherland. Two years in the army will be a memorable mark, a beautiful memory of youth".

Lieutenant Colonel Pham Quang Khoat, Deputy Commander of Thuan An city’s Military Command said that in 2024, the work of selecting and calling citizens to join the army will continue being assigned to localities for completion, with the motto of "recruiting someone, making sure they are there", ensuring the quality of new recruits handed over to units, limiting cases of having to return or exchange compensation after handover.

Ensuring military handover targets

With the determination of achieving targets in quantity and quality, completing military recruitment by 2024, Di An city’s Military Service Council has strictly implemented the process from the grassroots to the town; promoted propaganda work so that people and young people of military enforcement age are aware of the task of protecting the Fatherland and clearly understand the Law on Military Service.

Lieutenant Colonel Le Phi Hung, Commander of Di An city’s Military Commander said that the Military Service Councils of the city and wards have continued coordinating with the local departments to visit, propagandize, mobilize and well implement the "3 meet-s, 4 know-s" policy to learn about the family situation, thoughts and aspirations of each volunteer youth and family, thereby promptly encouraging young people to feel secure in carrying out their sacred mission to protect the Fatherland.

To achieve military handover targets at 2 levels with the highest quality, over the past time, Tan Uyen city has done well in the work of selecting and calling citizens to join the army in 2024. Lieutenant Colonel Lam Minh Su, Commander of Tan Uyen City's Military Command said that in 2024, Tan Uyen city's work of selecting and calling citizens to join the army has many new points. Firstly, all new recruits are trained to swim. In addition, Tan Uyen city will hold a formal military enlistment ceremony. The  local new recruits are able to visit, offer incense at the martyrs' monument and have a field trip to the Regiment 271 in order to see the images of soldiers in training..., helping them get excited and be ready to go on duty.

In North Tan Uyen district, Lieutenant Colonel Doan Huu Chien, Deputy Commander, Chief of Staff of the district’s Military Command said that over the past time, the district’s Military Service Council has well promoted its role in advising the Party Committee and local authorities on implementing guidance documents related to the work of selecting and calling citizens to join the army. Steps to implement this work were organized strictly, ensuring fairness, democracy and lawfulness.

To help new recruits and their families feel secure, the district’s Military Military Council has established delegations to visit each house to propagandize about the Law on Military Service, military traditions, local revolutionary traditions, new guidance documents on the work of selecting and calling citizens to join the army so that families and new recruits can feel secure in going on their sacred duty to protect the Fatherland.

Following traditions

During the resistance war, ​​Ben Cat town’s Iron Triangle area, including An Dien, An Tay and Phu An, made the enemy terrified every time it was mentioned. And today, at the Iron Triangle Tunnel historical relic site, the town’s young people promote their homeland traditions, with a high sense of responsibility, being ready to set out to fulfill their duty to the Fatherland.

Le Van Huy, a Party member volunteering to join the army in My Phuoc ward, shared: "Young people must have obligations and responsibilities to the Fatherland. I wrote the application with the desire to be trained and make contributions in the military environment. The military environment will help me become more mature. I will constantly strive and study to have the opportunity to stick and serve long-term in the army". Under the work of selecting and calling citizens to join the army, the entire political system of Bau Bang district has urgently implemented steps in accordance with regulations. It is known that for many years, there have been two brothers in Bau Bang district writing volunteer applications to join the army. This year, there are two brothers, Ta Minh Canh and Ta Thien Bao, in Cay Truong II commune. Ta Xuan Cam, father of brothers Ta Minh Canh and Ta Thien Bao, shared: "I am very proud that my two children are aware of their responsibility to homeland. No place can help children become stronger and more mature than the military environment. Therefore, when my children were called up to join the army, my family was very happy".

With thoughtful preparations, close attention and timely encouragement from all-level authorities and sectors, the province's youngsters are excited and ready to join the army and perform their sacred duty to the Fatherland.

*Phu Giao: 138 young people wrote applications to voluntarily join the army

This year, Phu Giao district was assigned a target of getting 165 young people to join the army and 37 young people to perform police duties. Among them, there were 138 writing applications to voluntarily join the army. Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Su, Commander of Phu Giao district’s Military Command said that the highlight of selecting and calling citizens to join the army is propaganda work. Every year, propaganda work on military recruitment from districts to communes and towns, continues being carried out effectively in many diverse forms. Along with that, the good implementation of military rear work has also had positive impacts, creating favorable conditions for the district's work of selecting and calling citizens to join the army.

*Dau Tieng: Young people are ready to join the army.

Over the past days, the Party committees, authorities and Military Command of Dau Tieng district focused on closely reviewing each stage and step to successfully complete assigned targets and plans. Lieutenant Colonel Le Danh Toi, Commander of Dau Tieng district’s Military Command said that in order to achieve the target of military handover at two levels, Dau Tieng district paid attention to the work of selecting and calling citizens to join the army, with military rear work as prominence. When the youth leave, the district organizes a very thoughtful send-off. And when they return from completing their military service, the locality also welcomes them very solemnly. Thanks to the good implementation of the work of "3 meet-s, 4 know-s”, volunteer youth in Dau Tieng clearly defined their spirit and responsibility in protecting the homeland...

Reported by Thu Thao-Translated by Kim Tin

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