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Youth Month 2021’s activities to assure prevention and fight against epidemic

Update: 23-02-2021 | 11:33:37


This year, Youth Month took place while the whole country joining hands to prevent and fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. How to organize Youth Month’s activities, especially activities to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, while ensuring the epidemic prevention control, we had an opportunity to discuss with Nguyen Tan Dat, Permanent Deputy Secretary of Provincial Youth Union, Chairman of Provincial Youth Union, about this issue.

This year, Provincial Youth Union organized Youth Month’s activities in accordance with the actual situation, especially assuring epidemic prevention and control. In photo:  Youth union members show people how to install Bluezone on their mobile phones.

 - Sir, could you please tell about the content of Youth Month 2021? 

- Youth Month 2021 has the theme "To be proud of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union’s tradition", and comprises 5 main groups: Propagation and education activities; cultural art activities, creative youth festival, celebration of the 90th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union; activities to promote voluntary spirit for the community (young people voluntarily participate in new rural construction, civilized city construction, and social security activities serving the people); activities to assist young people (youth startups, caring for young people and children); building strong Youth Unions, expanding the solidarity front, gathering young people.

However, following the direction of Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People's Committee on the implementation of COVID-19 prevention and control measures that require not to organize activities gathering many people, Standing Committee of Provincial Youth Union suspended the organization of activities according to the proposed 2021 work program until further direction. Instead, Provincial Youth Union transformed a number of activities in accordance with the local actual situation.

 - Could you please give some details of key activities in this Youth Month? 

- In the immediate future, Provincial Youth Union will carry out some main contents, such as: A conference to disseminate Youth Month 2021 plan and launch response activities; gratitude activities, visiting and giving gifts to former Youth Union officials on occasion the 90th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union; to hold the commendation and rewarding of excellent collectives and individuals in the measures prevention and control; to sum up and award prizes of the artwork composing competition to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union; propagation activities for disease epidemic prevention control...

In particular, this year, to ensure the COVID-19 prevention and control, Provincial Youth Union and youth branches did not hold the launching ceremony of Youth Month. Instead, on Feb 21, Tan Uyen town and North Tan Uyen district held some activities, such as: Donating bicycles to poor children and scholarships for poor students to study well; visiting and giving gifts to Vietnamese heroic mothers and policy families in Thanh Hoi commune; giving 100 gifts to students having difficult circumstances; inauguration of children's play area in Tan Hiep ward, construction commencement of a charity house in Thai Hoa ward; tree planting "Eternal gratitude to Uncle Ho" Spring 2021 in North Tan Uyen district. In addition, during Youth Month, two “red scarf” houses were inaugurated in Ben Cat town and Phu Giao district.

 - The year 2021 marks the 90th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh communist Youh Union. Yet, due to the complicated progress of the pandemic, what did Youth Union do to ensure epidemic prevention and control, while holding activities to celebrate the 90th anniversary, sir? 

- The year 2021 is a special year to all youth members, is the 90th anniversary of Youth Union organization. Plans and programs were announced previously. But due to the current epidemic situation, Provincial Youth Union directed Youth Union branches to arrange the most suitable activities to celebrate the 90th anniversary. In this spirit, we organized activities not gathering large numbers of people, but divided into small groups to carry out meaningful works in this month. Specifically, to donate face masks, hand sanitizers; continue to disseminate and encourage people to make medical declarations, install Bluezone mobile applications...

To take care of young people and children, we will continue to carry out meaningful activities, such as: Volunteer trips,  market day of 0 VND etc. to bring essential necessities and gifts to all youth members, people having difficult circumstances in remote areas. To celebrate the 90th anniversary of Youth Union, we carried out meaningful activities, which were in small quantity and composition of participants, especially online activities for all youth members throughout the province to follow.

- Thank you!

Reported by Ngoc Nhu - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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