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Youth participation in rural economic development

Update: 25-11-2023 | 12:18:47

Together with the youth nationwide, the youth of Binh Duong province have been actively and pioneeringly fulfilling their responsibilities in participating

Together with the youth nationwide, the youth of Binh Duong province have been actively and pioneeringly fulfilling their responsibilities in participating in the socio-economic development in rural areas.

Developing the economy

In recent years, with their enthusiasm and dynamism, the youth of Binh Duong in rural areas have conducted research and applied advanced scientific and technological advancements to achieve effective production and business results, thereby contributing to improving both material and spiritual aspects of life.

The provincial youth organization pay a visit to the model of successful youth production and business in Phu Giao district

A typical example is Vo Thai Son in Lai Hung commune, Bau Bang district, the owner of the green-skinned pomelo cultivation model. Thanks to regularly participating in training on how to care for green-skinned pomelo organized by the local authorities, Mr. Son has acquired more techniques for pomelo cultivation to develop his business. Every year, Son's pomelo garden, consisting of 600 green-skinned pomelo trees, yields an average of 50-100kg per tree, resulting in an average profit of over VND 200 million. Son's pomelos are purchased by traders and supplied to the markets in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, and northern provinces.

Nguyen Thanh Thao, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Youth Union, stated: "In recent times, youth organizations at all levels in the province have effectively and systematically implemented numerous activities in response to the movement 'Youth joining hands to build new rural areas,' which has had a wide-ranging influence and spread throughout the youth union and young members. Among these activities, the youth union has accompanied and supported rural youth, encouraged learning, and ignited the desire for wealth creation in collaboration with relevant agencies and organizations, we organize training sessions and scientific and technical knowledge transfer activities, focusing on techniques for cultivating and caring for fruit trees, as well as livestock and poultry farming. Through programs and activities, young people actively participate in building the new countryside by engaging in the production of goods, expanding production linkages along the value chain associated with brand building, applying modern science and technology, and gradually forming high-tech agricultural production models.”

Effective cooperation

With the motto "To go far, we must go together," many rural youth have collaborated to develop sustainable production. From here, in rural areas, the cooperative model and various forms of collaboration among young people have continued to expand and develop. They have also established efficient collective economic models, contributing to the successful implementation of criteria for increasing income and improving the lives of people in the criteria for building new rural areas and improving existing rural areas.

Specifically, in Tan Hiep commune (Phu Giao district), there is a Youth Cooperative for duck farming led by Mr. Nguyen Duc Thanh. According to Mr. Thanh, the cooperative has independently designed and upgraded a closed-loop duck farming model on land using the cold farming method. The cold farming method has several advantages over traditional farm-based duck farming, ensuring disease prevention and safety, maintaining a clean farming environment, and achieving high economic efficiency. With an upgraded scale of 25,000 ducks in the barn, using the head pillow farming method, after 15 days, 1 batch of ducks is ready for sale, equivalent to 5,000 ducks. After deducting all expenses, with 1,000 ducks sold, the cooperative can expect a profit of approximately VND 60 million.

Nguyen Thanh Thao added: "During the 2022-2027 term, the Youth Union at all levels will implement the movement of "Youth joining hands to build a new rural area and enhance economic development", focusing on supporting rural youth in economic development, establishing cooperative models, and applying scientific and technological advancements in youth collaboration. In addition, the levels of the organization will enhance volunteer activities to contribute to the development of rural infrastructure and environmental landscapes. They will support digital transformation and the application of scientific and technological advancements in agricultural production, as well as assist in the construction of upgraded new rural areas.”

Reported by Kim Tuyen – Translated by Vi Bao

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