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Youth Union improves the lives of young workers

Update: 25-05-2024 | 12:31:15

Young workers far from home living in lodging houses are still facing many difficulties in their lives, especially in the living environment. Fully aware of this, Youth Union at all levels in the province has organized many practical support activities, improving the environment and enhancing the lives of young workers.

Youth Union and Youth Federation of Dat Cuoc commune (Bac Tan Uyen district) give support to Lau Thi Lia's family

To share difficulties

Responding to the Provincial Youth Union's launch of the Vietnamese Workers' Month and the Provincial Young Workers' Week in 2024, Youth Union's levels in the province have carried out activities to support the lives of young workers far from home facing difficulties. As learning about the case of Lau Thi Lia, a H'Mong ethnic young worker who are in the commune, had a work accident and her family was in difficult circumstance, Youth Union of Dat Cuoc Commune (Bac Tan Uyen district) actively called on for support.

Huynh Tam Nhu, Secretary of Dat Cuoc Commune Youth Union, said that Youth  Union and Youth Federation of the commune visited and encouraged Ms. Lia's family; and presented a "Dream Room" worth 5 million VND and a project to support young worker in difficult circumstances worth 10 million VND. Caring for and accompanying poor young workers is a regular activity implemented by Youth Union, contributing to maintaining the effectiveness of the work of expanding the solidarity front, gathering youth and supporting young workers to overcome difficulties.

Furthermore, many local Grassroots Unions also have activities to connect and share difficulties with workers. Namely, Youth Union, Youth Federation of Binh An ward (Di An city) has organized a "Zero-Dong vegetable stall" in response to the 2024 Young Workers’ Week. The stall had free fruits and vegetables to provide workers with extra food for their meals. After this activity, the Ward’s Youth Union will continue to maintain this activity to bring more joys to workers far from home.

Create a favorable environment

With the attention and support of all levels and branches, all-level Youth Unions organized programs to create conditions for young workers to participate in local activities. With that goal, activities of the Solidarity Project to gather young workers are actively implementation by localities.

To enhance the effectiveness of the project, in the past week, in Dong Hoa ward (Di An city), Organizing Committee of the Solidarity Project to gather young workers of the ward coordinated with Youth Union and Women's Union of the ward to organize "Dong Hoa ward's young workers festival 2024". The program had exciting activities such as giving 20 gifts to young workers having difficult circumstances at lodging houses; folk games with prizes; free dental consultation and examination; free haircut; culinary festival of traditional cakes; exchanging plastic waste for gifts; price stabilization booth; instructions for activating level 2 electronic identification... A large number of workers had the opportunity to interact, play, and entertain after working hours and improve their material and cultural lives.

Every year, through the Solidarity Project to gather personal income and young workers, localities in the province have established many new branches, clubs, teams, and groups for young workers. Currently, the whole province has nearly 1,700 youth union branches at lodging houses, 59 youth union branches for workers far away from home, 80 union branches and 154 branches in non-state enterprises... The work of caring for, supporting, and improving the living and working environment for young workers are tended by all levels, branches and Youth Union organizations in the province; this is considered as one of the most important tasks and is carried out regularly to improve effectiveness of mobilize solidarity to build and implement urban cultural and civilized life.

In recent years, the Provincial Youth Union’s Standing Committee has led and directed Youth Union organizations at all levels throughout the province to do many ways to help and support young workers having difficult circumstances; At the same time, advised the provincial leaders on supporting policies to promptly share, encourage and reduce the burden on workers. The Provincial Youth Union and its branches also enhanced the organization of many activities accompanying young workers and their children...

Reported by K.Tuyen - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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